Swanson Miller, DT, Oklahoma State

Scouting reports of defensive tackles in the 2010 draft.
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Swanson Miller, DT, Oklahoma State

Postby Pudge » Tue Jan 19, 2010 2:40 pm

Swanson Miller
Oklahoma State Senior

Pros: Has a decent first step with a decent swim move. Does his best work when working against a single blocker. Has a nice motor and will chase and give pursuit. Shows ability to make plays at the point, working fairly well in a short area.

Cons: Needs to get off blocks better at the point of attack. Struggles against double teams and too often is pushed back. Doesn't do well when he's facing strong, physical guards. Overly relies on a first step that isn't that great, and needs to develop more moves to disengage from blocker as a pass rusher.

Overview: Plays across Oklahoma State's line, mostly in the 3-technique, but also gets reps at both end and nose when they go to 3-man fronts.

NFL Forecast: He has some upside, although he'll probably be nothing more than a rotation player at the next level. I think if he can bulk up some more he could potentially play nose in a two-gap scheme. But more than likely, he'll first best in a one-gap, 4-3 scheme. He'd be a better nose tackle than under tackle, because he doesn't have the burst or first step to really impact as a pass rusher. He can disrupt and press the pocket a little. So he really needs to improve as a run defender, and I think if he can improve his technique, get a little bigger and stronger, there's a chance he can. More than likely, he's the type of player that fills in as a No. 4 option in a rotation, but then as time goes by he can improve and move up into the third spot. Perhaps down the road, he can be one of those journeyman nose tackles like a Russell Davis or Kendrick Clancy.

ATL Forecast: Miller can contribute to the Falcons rotation, most likely competing with the likes of Vance Walker for the No. 4 job. He could win it, but he's probably not going to be an upgrade over Walker. They are comparable players, and like Walker I think he'll need to bulk up to really be able to stick. You like his motor, and more than likely Miller would land as a practice squad player with the potential to develop into a rotation player down the road.

Value: Miller is good enough to be drafted in the seventh round for teams looking to bolster their rotation and improve competition in training camp.
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