John Fonoti, DE/OLB, Hawaii

Scouting reports of defensive ends in the 2010 draft.
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John Fonoti, DE/OLB, Hawaii

Postby Pudge » Mon Apr 19, 2010 1:18 pm

Hawaii Senior

PROS: Is a physical defender that is downright nasty at times. Has a decent first step. Has good strength, can toss aside blocker at times. Shows potential as a bull rusher. Has experience dropping back in coverage.
CONS: Needs to improve his hand use as a pass rusher. Lacks technique there. Doesn't break down well in space. Undersized and gets pushed off the ball.
OVERVIEW: Fonoti is a bit of a tweener that was limited this past year due to a bruised kneecap early on. Finished year with 10 starts, 39 tackles, 4.5 for loss, and only 1 sack. After coming off a junior campaign where he had 62-9.5-5.0.
NFL FORECAST: He's a player that is probably best off bulking up and staying along the defensive line than playing linebacker. He can play in space, but he's not great there. Bu his lack of good technique, will limit him early on as a defensive linemen even if he adds the necessary bulk. He is a guy that will have to impress teams with his toughness and strength, rather than his ability to actually make impact plays. At this time, he's too raw to think he could stick on a roster besides maybe on a practice squad. After a few summers, he might find his place, but I'm not sure where that is. He just seems to have too limited potential to play outside linebacker. He might eventually develop into an OK rotational guy at end if he can bulk up and get better against the run, but even then he's a borderline NFL prospect.
ATL FORECAST: The team might like his personality, but unless he shines early on special teams, then he's not really going to do much than be a camp body that might challenge for a practice squad.
VALUE: He isn't worth a draft pick, but can be a nice camp body as a free agent.
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