Zane Beadles, OG/OT, Utah

Scouting reports of offensive tackles, guards, and centers in the 2010 draft.
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Zane Beadles, OG/OT, Utah

Postby Pudge » Mon Apr 12, 2010 10:39 am

Utah Senior

PROS: Shows a good mean streak and finishes his blocks. Seems best when he's working in a short-area. Initiates contact in pass protection. Shows ability to pull. Can get position as a run blocker and lock onto defender. Plays with fairly good base.
CONS: Limited technique and footwork on the outside. Opens his stance up too early and doesn't get good depth on his pass set. Will give up some ground outside, and had some difficulty matching up with power on the outside. Will whiff on delivering his hand punch at times. Lacks ideal pop as a run blocker and doesn't get enough push.
OVERVIEW: Beadles was an effective left tackle for Utah the past three years as a starter. He also started a season at left guard as a freshman. But he didn't face top competition on a weekly basis, and can be somewhat overmatched when he did.
NFL FORECAST: He projects probably better inside than to remain outside. He could get a little bigger and stronger, but he doesn't need to be a whole lot bigger to be an effective guard. It'll just make him probably a more physical run blocker. He's more a guy that will rely on toughness and getting position than clearing wide running lanes for backs. I think he'll fit best in a zone-blocking line. His athletic limitations will be less exposed at guard, where with some work and tinkering he should be effective matching up with defensive tackles. Most of that work will probably have to come with his technique and adding some strength. His past experience inside should help him transition, but I don't think he'll be able to come in right away and compete for a starting gig as a guard. He'll probably need at least a year if not two to polish up his abilities and add some more muscle to be able to contribute and push for playing time. I think he has the upside and ability to be a starter in the league, but he won't be a top guard. He'll be more like a mid-level starter that is good enough to get the job done, especially if he is to work with a good left tackle beside him. I think he can also potentially work as a reserve tackle in a pinch, but with his lack of ideal size and athletic limitations, I don't see him fitting there long-term.
ATL FORECAST: Beadles can compete in Atlanta, but probably as a guard. He's good enough to push for time as a reserve as the team may like his toughness and long-term potential to develop into a starter over someone like Ojinnaka or Reynolds. He's good enough that it's possible he could be ready to start at left guard by his second season. He's not a better player than Blalock, but could offer some more consistency if he makes the improvements to his game. The key to his success as a potential starter in Atlanta will rest largely on Baker's ability to stay healthy at left tackle, allowing them to build some continuity. He can compete in Atlanta, but I don't think he's a significant upgrade in the starting lineup, but should upgrade depth at the very least.
VALUE: Beadles ability to be developed as a starting guard means that he could go in the fifth round, but would be a bit of a reach before that.

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