Kevin Haslam, OT, Rutgers

Scouting reports of offensive tackles, guards, and centers in the 2010 draft.
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Kevin Haslam, OT, Rutgers

Postby Pudge » Thu Apr 08, 2010 2:47 am

Rutgers Senior
40: 5.65

PROS: Shows nice athleticism. Initiates contact with defender, with a decent hand punch. Finishes blocks and shows mean streak. Can get the seal on the edge and does a nice job clearing the backside cutback lane. Can block on the second level and pull. Has potential as a cut blocker. Flashes ability as a drive blocker.
CONS: Needs to improve his footwork and technique. Is too much of a waist bender, doesn't play with good base and can get bull-rushed. Needs to get bigger and stronger. Struggles with speed off the edge. Gets too deep, opening himself up for the inside move, or opens his stance too early. Whiffs on too many blocks in space and not natural when asked to pull.
OVERVIEW: At this point, he's a better run blocker than pass protector that fits best in a zone blocking scheme.
NFL FORECAST: Haslam has upside worth developing, but he's a guy that I could see spending three years on the bench and then washing out of the league. Or potentially make that next step at that point and developing into a decent backup. I would compare him to a guy like Ephraim Salaam. I think he needs to fill out his frame better, but I think he coudl work as a right tackle in a zone-blocking scheme. He's athletic enough to play on the left side as well, although at this point without drastic improvements to his footwork and technique, he'd struggle mightily there. But down the road, might develop into a capable swing guy like Salaam did later in his career. Can develop as a capable stopgap starter, but that's a few years off. I think if he is coached up and can put on another 10-20 pounds he stands a much better chance of sticking in the league.
ATL FORECAST: Haslam has potential to develop in Atlanta, but his length to impact is probably too long to be effectively developed here. He would ride the pine for two or three years and contribute little. At this point, he's not an upgrade over any of the backup tackles the team has now, and the Falcons would be developing him for his next team more than likely. I don't see him as a better option than Ojinnaka at any point in the next three or so years.
VALUE: For a patient team looking for a developmental zone blocker, they might snag him in the sixth or seventh round.
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