Eric Olsen, OC, Notre Dame

Scouting reports of offensive tackles, guards, and centers in the 2010 draft.
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Eric Olsen, OC, Notre Dame

Postby Pudge » Thu Apr 08, 2010 1:32 am

Notre Dame Senior
40: 5.25

PROS: Has good mean streak that at times will border on dirty play. Does a nice job finishing his blocks. Has good pop and is able to get position as a run blocker, and also able to get some push in the running game. Plays with good base, able to stalemate defender. Shows a nice hand punch with decent footwork. Works well in a short area. Pulls and can block on the second level.
CONS: Not a great athlete and it can show when he's left on an island, not able to play in confined space. Misses too many assignments when blocking on the second level and out on screens. At times gets bull rushed and not as effective when covered up by nose tackle. Needs to get his hands up more quickly and too often allows defenders too initiate contact.
OVERVIEW: He's a tough, fiesty player that teams will love in terms of his mean streak. But can be limited in pass protection. He's physical enough to play guard and played there before his senior year when he moved to center. Became a regular in the starting lineup midway through is sophomore year.
NFL FORECAST: Olsen is a guy that I'm not sure is going to last as a center. He can play center, and teams that play in the AFC will like his physical style of play as he's willing to mix it up with those big nose tackles. He's a capable run blocker, but can be exposed at times in pass protection. I like his mean streak, and I think because of it, he'll be able to make up for some of his flaws. He can play guard as well, although I think he could be exposed a bit against quicker defenders. While he can pull and block on the second level, he'll fit best in a scheme that just wants him to play mostly at the line of scrimmage. I'm not sure he'll ever be a consistent player, but can be a valuable member of a unit that his mean streak can elevate the play of his linemates.
ATL FORECAST: His mean streak would fit in nicely in Atlanta. I think he'll be an upgrade over McClure because he's more physical and can get more push in the running game. He probably would be best served sitting for two years, but I think could compete for and win a starting job as soon as 2011 if need be. Also can add depth at guard initially as he develops at the pivot. Would work well alongside a guy like Dahl because they can match each other's mean streak, and guys like Sedrick Ellis and other interior defenders in the NFC would loath playing the Falcons. He needs more polish and probably won't be the most consistent guy, but is the type of player that Boudreau would covet in the pivot.
VALUE: He's a nice middle round pick that probably should go in the early part of the fourth round.

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