Alonzo Durham, OT, Nevada

Scouting reports of offensive tackles, guards, and centers in the 2010 draft.
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Alonzo Durham, OT, Nevada

Postby Pudge » Mon Mar 29, 2010 8:58 pm

Nevada Senior

PROS: Gets into his stance fairly quick and delivers a nice hand punch. Shows pop off the snap as a run blocker. Can get out on the second level, showing some mobility. Can lock on and shows potential as a drive blocker. Does a nice job finishing his blocks.
CONS: Has poor footwork and technique when working in pass protection. Gets too deep and is easily beat by inside move, or doesn't get deep enough and beat easily outside. Doesn't get good position when he's asked to block in space and causes a tendency to hold. Doesn't lock on in pass protection, and plays short-armed. Misses too many assignments and whiffs on blocks when blocking in space. Lacks strength and can be bull-rushed and pushed back at the point of attack.
OVERVIEW: He plays weakside tackle for Nevada, which corresponds to left tackle for the most part because he is uncovered by a tight end most downs. But was far more effective when he was, because he's a liability when left on an island. He's a player that does his best work in a short area. A three-year starter.
NFL FORECAST: If he stands any chance of playing on the next level has to move inside. He just doesn't have the ability to play at tackle on the next level, and judging from his poor technique and footwork, one would think this was his first year playing the tackle position instead of his fourth. His best position is probably center, but he'd be a project there since I don't know of any previous experience. He can work in a zone-blocking scheme that wants him to get out on the second level and take out linebackers. He's a work in progress that is going to take several years to develop. But if he does, he could be a nice backup option to have down the road because he could potentially play center, guard, and maybe be an emergency tackle for a team. But I wouldn't be surprised to see him struggle to stick early on in his career because he'll likely be playing a new position. If he works at it, I think he could land a backup position by his third summer.
ATL FORECAST: Durham offers some potential to fill in as a reserve player similar in niche to Ojinnaka as a utility backup. He's not really an option to be considered as a potential starter in Atlanta. Just a guy that in a few years could be a nice backup because he can potentially play more than one position. But he'd be hard-pressed to stick in Atlanta initially simply because he's very raw at this stage.
VALUE: He isn't worth a draft pick because he's a fairly raw, project. But a team should bring him to camp to push other players.
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