Vince Vance, OG/OT, Georgia

Scouting reports of offensive tackles, guards, and centers in the 2010 draft.
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Vince Vance, OG/OT, Georgia

Postby Pudge » Mon Mar 22, 2010 10:18 am

Georgia Senior
40: 5.20 (Campus)

PROS: Massive blocker with power, strength, and size. Has the power and strength to toss aside defenders and can clear holes as a run blocker. A good athlete for his size, showing that he is effective when asked to pull and can cut block.
CONS: Stiff-legged and whiffs on too many assignments. Is a slow off the snap and struggles to get good position as a run blocker out of his stance. Has poor technique and is too much of a waist bender. Struggles to match up with speed. Has had issues of mental preparation.
OVERVIEW: You see his potential as a run blocker, but he's limited in pass protection. He never developed into a consistent starter with injuries and off-field issues plaguing him. He started 10 games in his career, 5 at left tackle, 4 at left guard, and 1 at right tackle. He began his junior season as a starter before a torn ACL in his right knee sidelined him for the rest of the year and caused him to fall behind this past year in the spring. He was busted twice for driving without a license, once as a junior, and again this past October.
NFL FORECAST: Vance has a chance to play at the next level, because teams will like his run blocking potential. But he is miscast when he works at tackle, and doesn't have the footwork, technique, and discipline to stay at that position in the pros. He might be able to serve as a competent reserve there, but he's overmatched. He'll likely have to play inside, where he presents many of the physical tools and traits of a Leonard Davis type. But the problem with Vance is that I'm not sure he has the discipline and work ethic to stick at the NFL level. In the bowl game vs. Texas A&M, he started at right tackle and just seemed to be mentally out of it to a point that he was benched at halftime. And the offense showed considerable improvement after he was out of the lineup. And while his off-field issues aren't really that big a deal, that sort of decision making coupled with his on-field production does send up a lot of red flags about whether he can mentally grasp what it takes to be an NFL linemen. So despite his physical tools, he's a boom/bust prospect that could easily be out of the league by his second season. But I do think if he has a chance to compete and stick in the pros, it'll have to be as a space-clearing interior player. I was very impressed when as a junior he was able to stalemate Terrence Cody using his strength alone.
ATL FORECAST: I'm not sure Vance has what it takes to succeed in Atlanta simply because he has all the makings of a guy that will be stuck in Boudreau's doghouse. And while physically he could be a very good option for the Falcons at left guard because of his potential to clear running lanes, I'm not sure he has the discipline to be an upgrade over Blalock in pass protection. Which says a lot since I don't think Blalock himself shows a great deal of discipline. He could make the Falcons roster because he can play more than one position and has potential to develop, but unless there is a major attitude adjustment, then I don't see him sticking in Atlanta long-term.
VALUE: On his physical potential alone, Vance might merit a middle round pick. But in truth because of all the other issues you face with him, you're probably best off trying to snag him as an undrafted free agent. But I wouldn't fault a team for taking a flyer on him in the seventh round.
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