Brian Simmons, OG, Oklahoma

Scouting reports of offensive tackles, guards, and centers in the 2010 draft.
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Brian Simmons, OG, Oklahoma

Postby Pudge » Sun Mar 21, 2010 5:38 pm

Oklahoma Senior
40: 5.20

PROS: Shows mean streak and is a physical guy that will finish his blocks. Does a nice job initiating contact and not afraid to give a defender a hard elbow. Gets into his stance fairly quickly and will deliver a nice punch. Has ability to block on the second level and will pancake a linebacker. Shows nice pop off the snap, able to get position as a run blocker.
CONS: Needs to improve his hand use and placement, and it limits how effective a drive blocker he can be. Needs to improve his footwork. Plays with inconsistent base. Is too much of a waist-bender, which causes him to overextend and lose balance. Needs to take better angles as a run blocker. Will miss some assignments when blocking on the second level.
OVERVIEW: He was born with a clubfoot on his right, which makes his right foot two sizes smaller than his left, and his right calf is considerably smaller than his left. But he's managed to overcome it, showing his intangibles. Only was a starter for one year, and missed 5 games this past year due to a right knee injury. But he did split time with Duke Robinson and Brandon Walker a lot as a junior, often alternating series with both players. Finished career with 12 starts.
NFL FORECAST: Simmons can provide depth at either guard position. I like the fact that he's managed to overcome his "deformity," and play at a fairly high level at a top college program. That shows his work ethic and intangibles, which makes me believe that he has the ability to make an NFL roster. He does flash starting potential at times, but needs to be a lot more consistent. As a starter, he'll probably be limited. But if he can improve his technique and hand placement, he should be abel to make it. I would compare him to Harvey Dahl in terms of his upside, although he'll probably be a step or two down from Dahl in terms of his upside.
ATL FORECAST: If Boudreau finds his "intangibles" as endearing as I do, then he could be a nice option to push Blalock. But his development will probably be on a similar rate as Dahl's in that he'll need the better part of three years to really be coached up and developed. And by then, it might be too late to replace Blalock. He's not going to be the physical road-grader that the Falcons probably need to play alongside Baker. So more than likely, he'd spend his career as a reserve, but his ability to play either guard spot should make him a valuable reserve replacing Ojinnaka within a year or two.
VALUE: Simmons is a late round pick that a team should target for depth mainly with an eye that he could be a decent starter down the road. I wouldn't take him before the sixth round.
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