Kurtis Gregory, OG, Missouri

Scouting reports of offensive tackles, guards, and centers in the 2010 draft.
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Kurtis Gregory, OG, Missouri

Postby Pudge » Sun Mar 21, 2010 5:37 pm

Missouri Senior
40: 5.31

PROS: Has good size and strength. A natural knee bender that uses his hands well, showing the ability to lock and flashing potential as a drive blocker. Has some mobility and usually hits his assignments. Does a decent job out on screens, taking out linebackers. Gets position and can get the seal block. Adjusts well in space, and effective picking up stunts. Shows good mean streak and does a nice job finishing his blocks.
CONS: Doesn't really stand out in any area. Needs to play with better pop off the snap as a run blocker. Needs to improve his base, as he can get bull-rushed. Lacks ideal footwork. Needs to do a better job getting his hands up quicker into his set and delivering a more effective hand punch.
OVERVIEW: Gregory works out of Missouri's wide splits, which makes him function more like a tackle that lines up on the inside than a true guard. He operates out of a two-point stance almost every snap, which is going to take some adjustment getting him to play in a three-point stance like he will every snap as a guard. That's why there is potential he could play both guard and tackle at the next level. A three-year starter at right guard, that also served as a backup left tackle early in his career.
NFL FORECAST: Gregory reminds me of a poor man's Todd Weiner. They have a similar build and playing style, and Weiner too began his career inside. I'm not sure Gregory's footwork is good enough to play outside, but I think he can improve there. I don't think he has the upside to be a starter, but if he can show his ability to play outside, he should be able to stick as a nice reserve. Teams might be smarter to draft him as a zone-blocking right tackle like Weiner was in Atlanta, and then cross-train him to play guard as he gets more comfortable working in a three-point stance.
ATL FORECAST: Although they are similar players, I don't think Gregory is athletic enough to serve in the same role as Weiner did here as a swing tackle. But he could be a nice addition inside as a guard/tackle and depth guy. He can fit in Atlanta because they'll like his mean strike and potential to play multiple positions. But at this point, he really doesn't offer much more than Garrett Reynolds. And I would say his upside is slightly less than Reynolds. He could push Reynolds, but he too is a player that isn't going to contribute much his first few years in the league.
VALUE: He's a nice late round prospect that adds depth and a zone-blocking team might take in the sixth or seventh round.
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