Selvish Capers, OT, West Virginia

Scouting reports of offensive tackles, guards, and centers in the 2010 draft.
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Selvish Capers, OT, West Virginia

Postby Pudge » Sun Mar 14, 2010 9:06 pm

Selvish Capers
West Virginia Senior

PROS: Athletic former tight end that has long arms and quick feet to stay in front of speed rushers. Shows nice pop off the snap as a run blocker. Is able to get position and shows potential to drive block. Adjusts well in space. Is mobile, does a good job pulling and gets out quickly on the second level. He's smooth moving in space and shows some ability to cut block.
CONS: Lacks mean streak and doesn't consistently finish his blocks. Has sloppy technique and footwork. Will set up too deep or open his stance too early. Crosses his feet, loses base and can get bull-rushed. Needs to get stronger and bends his waist too much. Will whiff on assignments at times when asked to block on the second level.
OVERVIEW: Started 32 games at right tackle but has the body and frame to move to the left side, but is still developing. He played tight end as a freshman before moving to tackle. At times struggled against premier pass rushers in the Big East when left on an island.
NFL FORECAST: He will fit best in a zone-blocking scheme like that of Alex Gibbs. He can potentially play the left side, but I think he's several years away from that. And he'll need to be coached up a lot because his footwork and technique are too sloppy. If he can bulk up, he should be able to come in and compete right away as a right tackle. He's a capable run blocker that played around 300 pounds. If he can put on another 5-10 pounds, he should be solid. He reminds me a lot of Ephraim Salaam, although more athletic. Unless he makes drastic improvements to his footwork and technique, he'll never be a reliable left tackle, at least not one you can count on for 16 games. Maybe for 3 or 4, but not a full season. And even if he does develop into that player, you're talking probably the better part of three NFL seasons before he reaches that sort of potential. The best case scenario for him is going to a zone-blocking team that prefers lighter, more athletic guys and playing for a good position coach that can keep him focused Monday through Saturday and with a good center that can keep him focused on Sundays. I could see him succeeding in Seattle for those reasons, but not a lot of other places. He should be able to stick in the league for a number of years because of his athleticism, but it would not surprise me if he spends five or six years and never really gain a foothold on a starting position.
ATL FORECAST: Capers primary role in Atlanta would be as a swing tackle, and more than likely that's where it would end. While he's a more athletic option that could push Clabo for the starting job, he doesn't have the mean streak or the strength yet to think he would win the job. And because of that, it's unlikely a coach like Boudreau would ever take a great shining to him. He could work well as an emergency starter on the outside for the Falcons, but he's a guy that wouldn't really be expected to be a reliable starter for the Falcons until at least three years down the road. And even then, he'd still probably be considered a weak link.
VALUE: Teams might get fooled by his athleticism and overdraft him at a premium position. But he's really fourth round talent that could be a decent third round option for a team like Seattle.

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