John Estes, OC, Hawaii

Scouting reports of offensive tackles, guards, and centers in the 2010 draft.
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John Estes, OC, Hawaii

Postby Pudge » Tue Mar 09, 2010 10:49 am

Hawaii Senior

PROS: He gets into his stance quickly, initiates contact with defender and does a nice job locking on. Shows mean streak and will get after defenders. Shows some pop off the snap on the rare occasions when he's asked to run block. Shows nice lateral footwork.
CONS: Can get bull-rushed and undersized. Needs to improve his ability to block in space and on the second level, as he'll miss some assignments from time to time. Works exclusively out of the shotgun in a Run N' Shoot offense.
OVERVIEW: A three-year starter at center that began his career at right guard. He'll have some adjusting to do to a traditional pro-style offense at the next level, but flashes many of the traits that you like to see.
NFL FORECAST: I think Estes could work in a pro offense. He isn't asked to run block very often, but on the few occasions when he is, he shows he can be effective. You like his mean streak and his toughness. He's got upside, but it may take him some time adjusting and to reach it. Despite being a pass-heavy offense, Hawaii in the past has produced fairly decent NFL linemen, and I think he could continue that tradition. I wouldn't expect big things from him early in his career, but with a few years under his belt, I think he could be a capable starter.
ATL FORECAST: He could be a decent developmental prospect for the Falcons, particularly if he can get stronger. Not likely to contribute much as a rookie, but by his third year could be ready to push for a starting position. He'll never be a pile-mover, but has the mean streak that Boudreau likes, and should be effective in pass protection. At worst, he should make a decent backup that could be a younger option than Romberg. At best, he could become a competent, albeit not special starter.
VALUE: Estes is worth a look in the late rounds for a team looking for a developmental prospect at center.
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