Brandon Carter, OG, Texas Tech

Scouting reports of offensive tackles, guards, and centers in the 2010 draft.
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Brandon Carter, OG, Texas Tech

Postby Pudge » Wed Mar 03, 2010 10:58 am

Texas Tech Senior

PROS: Big, physical guy that can engulf defenders as a run blocker. Has lots of power and delivers a strong punch. Hard to move because of his size. Shows mean streak and gets leverage vs. the run.
CONS: Despite his size, doesn't consistently show good pop off the snap. Struggles when working in a three-point stance. Lacks base in pass protection and can get pushed back by smaller defenders at times. Lacks quickness, and won't be a factor pulling or blocking on the second level.
OVERVIEW: Struggled when he faced top competition, but his size is intriguing. He was listed at being around 350 pounds the past two years, so he's likely dropped some weight for NFL people.
NFL FORECAST: He's a massive blocker, that has potential, but he's a work in progress. Teams will have to refine his technique and footwork to get the most out of his size potential. Not sure he's as powerful at 330 as he was at 350, but he should at least be in better shape now. At the very least, he should get opportunities as a reserve guard that would be a solid run blocker with some refinement for most teams. It's the pass protection that could be a problem, and not sure he'll ever be consistent enoguh there to trust as a starter. Within two years, his techniques should be refined enough that he could start, but probably too one-dimensional to be an ideal starter.
ATL FORECAST: Carter would add good size to the Falcons lineup, but not sure he's disciplined enough to really excel in Atlanta. He could help the team's running game, but would struggle in pass protection. He probably wouldn't be much of an upgrade over either starting guard currently, although he would probably be a better run blocker than either.
VALUE: His size potential might have some team looking at him in the mid-rounds, but he shouldn't be taken before the fifth or sixth round because of his one-dimensionality.
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