Ciron Black, OT, LSU

Scouting reports of offensive tackles, guards, and centers in the 2010 draft.
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Ciron Black, OT, LSU

Postby Mr. Offseason » Fri Jan 22, 2010 12:33 am

Pros: Very big, strong, long arms, pretty good athleticism for a man his size, is an effective run blocker, surprisingly good at getting to the second level and engaging linebackers on the move, and can get outside and make blocks for screens if given enough time. Once he gets his hands on you it is hard to get off of his block. Not bad out of his stance actually, just doesn’t have the lateral agility or foot speed to mirror speed rushers.

Cons: Pretty heavy feet in pass protection, will reach when he is getting beat by a speed rusher, has poor change of direction speed and I have seen him block a guy, watched the defender use a counter move and almost a second later he is still going in the same direction blocking air. He doesn’t have the lateral agility to play LT and may not have enough to play RT. He reacts poorly to counter moves, will lean occasionally when run blocking and doesn’t have great balance when in pass protection.

Overall: Black is best case a RT in the NFL and worst case he will have to move inside. Even though I don’t think he can play RT at a high level in the NFL I think he will be able to slide inside and be effective. He is a large man, he is very strong, has strong hands and good hand usage to control the defender once he engages him. Is not very agile in the open field, but he moves to the second level well and blocks well on the move. He is an effective run blocker, and against DT’s who aren’t as quick as DE’s I think he stands a better chance. It will take some adjustment and some development, but ultimately I think he can be an effective OG in the NFL.

Projection: 4th round: He may be able to play RT and he may not be, but he needs work as a pass blocker and will be raw as an offensive guard if he does end up moving inside, so it will be hard to rationalize taking him before the 3rd. There are a number of OT prospects who are better pass blockers than Black and they will remain outside in the NFL most likely, and as a result he will likely get drafted after them. If a team projects him as an offensive guard they could get a nice pick in the 4th round range, because I think with some coaching and development he could become a quality OG in the NFL.

1-poor, 2-weak, 3-above average, 4-very good, 5-elite

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Re: Ciron Black, OT, LSU

Postby Pudge » Wed Apr 21, 2010 12:19 pm

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PROS: Has good size and strength. Is physical and shows mean streak, and finishes his blocks. Uses his size well as a run blocker, showing ability as a drive blocker. Also is effective in pass protection because of his size, able to engulf some smaller defenders. Works best in a short-area, able to deliver a good punch. Shows enough athleticism that he can pull somewhat and block on the second level, able to get seal against linebacker.
CONS: Has sloppy footwork and technique in pass protection. Will cross his feet and has trouble adjusting in space to the quick, inside move. Struggles when matched up against speed rushers. Will lose his balance. Gets too much depth or not enough on his pass drops. Doesn't always play with great pop off the snap. Will whiff on some blocks on the second level as he can be very lumbering there.
OVERVIEW: Black is a massive tackle that was effective at LSU mainly because of his size. He's probably destined to move inside on the next year, but with coaching can also be an effective tackle.
NFL FORECAST: I think the easiest way to get early contributions from him is to play him either at guard or right tackle. He's just too inconsistent and sloppy to let him play at left tackle early on. But I do believe that if he can be coached up, his technique improved, he can be a competent left tackle. I wouldn't want him protecting my $50 million investment at quarterback. But I think he could get by there as a stopgap down the road. He'll be plagued by a lot of false starts and give up his fair share of sacks, but I think he could perform at that position on a level comparable with an average starter. Some teams will move him inside, which will hide many of his flaws in pass protection, and also beef up their interior ground games. But honestly, I think his best NFL position will be right tackle. In pass protection, he'll be better inside. But because he isn't going to be great pulling and blocking on the second level as other guards, I don't see him excelling there. I think with some refinement, his size and potential as a run blocker on the outside makes his value higher at right tackle. He'll still have his issues in pass protection on the outside, particularly early on. But he is one of those players that I think can be coached, and will improve his technique. I wouldn't want to start him right away, as I think a year of sitting the bench would really help him. But I think by his second year he should be able to handle a starting gig. But whether it's at guard or right tackle, I think Black will fit well on a team that wants to run the ball a lot and be a solid starter.
ATL FORECAST: While I think Black probably has greater upside than Clabo on the right tackle spot, I'm not sure he is quite good enough to beat him for the starting job any time soon. So it's probably smartest for the Falcons to groom him as a guard, with an eye on him being a possible replacement for Blalock in 2011 at left guard. There he can upgrade the ground attack, and while I don't think he'll be great in pass protection on the inside, I do think he can be competent. At worst, if Black made no major improvements, I think he'd be as competent a starter as Blalock is today. And if he did make the necessary improvements, I think he could be a good starter. He'll be like the rest of the Falcons linemen, nothing special, but capable of getting the job done.
VALUE: Whether a team projects him as a guard or tackle, he isn't worth much more than a third or fourth round pick. I'd take him in the third as a right tackle prospect. Probably wait until the fourth as a guard.

1-poor, 2-weak, 3-above average, 4-very good, 5-elite

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