A few points to make Bucs vs the Falcons

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A few points to make Bucs vs the Falcons

Postby thescout » Sun Nov 20, 2005 9:43 pm

Today was an extremely difficult loss to say the least.Here are some thoughts about the game I wanted to share.

The Good

1.Mike Vick - we are seeing his passing ability grow leaps and bounds.Although we have lost the last few weaks Vick is getting an understanding of the offense and it seems to be coming together for him.It isn't all there yet but this offense can become a juggernaut for any defense one e we put it all together.
2.Receivers - roddy White looked good today other than the stupid pass interfernece call at the end which probably cost the chance to tie the game.Roddy will make defenses think twice about him and jenkins made a few good catches.Crump is always good also finneran.
3.running backs - While Dunn picked up yards as a runnner I though TJ was the one most impressive.Teams in the past that beat tampa's defense use the hammer because tampa is small and it would have worn down there defense.
4. Offense overall - I can'
t say it was a great game since only 3 points in the first half but the second half has me optomistic the offense will be fine.


1.No pass rush! I am thinking Kerney may be injured since he has disappeared mostly.Running backs are running through the line without resistance.We don't have the players it takes to stop a team.
2.Linebackers - Brooking made a great play with the inteception but beyond that the linebackers didn't make a impact.
3.Def backs - still need alot of improvement.

Overall defense - if you can't stop the running attack you will get eaten alive which is what is happening.No pass rush so team can throw against us.

Discipline - first half killed the falcon's.The bad thing about teams that have to run on emotion like the falcons they can get to high for a game and you see stupid penalties.The team has not arrived yet.Maybe in the future this team won't run on emotion but know when to be business like and not shoot themselves in the foot.The game is played in between the lines not after the play.Mora and the players have got to mature as a team.
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Postby meansonny » Sun Nov 20, 2005 10:58 pm

I was helping my inlaws move, so I couldn't watch the game. I heard much of it on the radio.

It seemed like the Falcons shot themselves in the foot with a lot of early penalties. Even when the refs weren't throwing flags, Chuckie was throwing his red flag to get us in trouble via instant replay.

I like an amped up defense. But the offense has to keep it's poise. Losing the first quarter battles cost us the past 2 games.

How bad was the defense?
Overall, the rush defense appears to be poopy. But time of possession, total yardage, 3rd down conversions appear to be favorable. The Falcons know that you can stink in all stats but two and still have a good week (rushing and scoring). Is there a quick fix on defense here? I'm all for shutting down the run and forcing teams to beat us with the pass (technically, this is the definition of a bend but don't break defense). It seems like we don't have the personnel anymore to do so.

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Postby The_Incomparable » Mon Nov 21, 2005 7:12 am

Other positives:

D.Hall - he shut down Galloway completely. Keep in mind Galloway was 2 yards behind Steve Smith for the receiving lead in the NFL. Big props to Hall for his "PrimeTime-esque" performance.

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Postby dirtybirdnw » Mon Nov 21, 2005 11:49 am

If the Falcons miss the playoffs it will be because of defense and not because of our offense. The defense needs to be rebuilt sadly.

It's amazing how we finally won't have to take on Philly in the playoffs and it is starting to look like we may not make it either. I believe that Atlanta could take out most the probably NFC playoff games if they had homefield throughout. Homefield won't happen and I don't see us getting past the divisional right now.

But the coaches and players need to get some team meetings together and get things under control. There is no excuse for how horrid the defense has been the last two weeks. Even more so there is no excuse for all the penalities early in the game by the offense.

However, the simple fact that Vick passed for 300 yards, 2 Touchdowns, and NO Interceptions against TAMPA has me inspired.

I would disagree with people who say Vick is finally figuring out the offense and the passing game. Vick was good because he had Roddy, Jenkins, Finneran, and Crumpler all on the field at the same time. Beyond that Roddy white continues to make his case for #1 and Jenkins stepped his game up tremendously. Vick's great day came largely on the shoulders of a receiver core that really stepped their game up.
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Postby Steve-O » Mon Nov 21, 2005 2:43 pm

one thing I noticed from being at the game is that Vick never looks right when he drops back to pass...there was one instance towards the end of the game when we were down on the Bucs 10 yard line or so and Roddy was open in the corner of the endzone two straight plays and Vick never once even glanced in that direction...I was impressed with Vick's performance, but if he can learn to make quicker reads and see more of the field he'd be even better...I, like Dirty, will attribute at least part of Vick's good day to the fact that his wr's actually came to play today...I hope that carries over...

Roddy looked really good snagging that deep ball in traffic...I was elated when I saw we were willing to actually take shots deep...the deep ball was there all day since TB had 8-9 in the box the entire game...

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Postby FalconsAreTheBest » Mon Nov 21, 2005 4:51 pm

It also seems our play calling has changed alot also. Maybe we are moving along as a team wth this offense. Vick has only attempted 30 or more passes 3 times since Mora & Knapp came here and those three times are our last three games. Unfortunately we lost 2 of those games but the balance of the offense seems to be making an apperance.

My hat goes off to Knapp. His playcalling has been leaps and bounds from last year and earlier this year. It's our defense that needs work. We shouldve won our last two games.

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Postby Capologist » Mon Nov 21, 2005 10:38 pm

I think once we get Brady Smith and Lavalais healthy we'll be much better against the run. We MUST stop all the turnovers as well. Those two things are killing us...

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Postby TypeHCY » Tue Nov 22, 2005 4:35 pm

The_Incomparable wrote:Other positives:

D.Hall - he shut down Galloway completely. Keep in mind Galloway was 2 yards behind Steve Smith for the receiving lead in the NFL. Big props to Hall for his "PrimeTime-esque" performance.

D. Hall had some help at times from a safety coming over the top to help with Galloway. But definitely a good game for Hall.

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