Steve Young on ESPN said Vick should be quiet about critics!

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Steve Young on ESPN said Vick should be quiet about critics!

Postby thescout » Fri Nov 18, 2005 4:42 pm

Interesting to hear steve young talk about Mike vick today on ESPN radio.Dan Patrick asked Young what Vick should do since Vick addresed the media and told them that why do they continue to criticize his play.I remember Vick saying that since he put up good passing numbers now he can pass so layoff of him in other words.Young said that Vick should just be quiet and let his play do the talking.If you address the media like Vick has the media will come after you harder.youn says he knows what Vick is going through he had to follow a hall of famer in Montana.

Here is something I thought about with Vick.Montana had Taylor and Rice but before that he had Dwight Clark and who? Ther running backs were not great either befoee they got Graig.Does vick need a star at every position to become a great QB.It certainly helps having abov average talented players but I have a feeling montana was going to do well almost regardless who was on the field.Clark had talent no question but he wasn't jerry rice.

On terrell owens young said that TO was as nice as can be when he was QB.After catching a big catch in the super bowl owens came up to young and said thank you for throwing the ball to me it means alot since I dropped a few balls you threw me.He never had a problem with TO.Only when management changed hands and there was not disciplined management structure did TO go off into what we know today.

M opinion I would think Philly has a structured envronment for TO and after this last occurence maybe he has learned from this fiasco he has cost himself money and will never see the money he wants.Maybe he will shut his mouth and play football.I know those are alot of maybes and he can ruin the locker room but if the Falcon's or any team took a chance on him I would put strict clauses in there never to demean your organization or players and if he did he is gone.Just play the game TO !

I would take a chance on TO this year and see what happens.The Falcons are going to need something extra to get over the hump maybe TO is it.I can't see TO doing anything bad the remainder of the yr since this philly fiasco he reputation is almost ruined despite his great on the field talent.
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Postby The_Incomparable » Fri Nov 18, 2005 4:45 pm

Does Vick need a star at every position? No. He needs quality receivers, a great running game, a strong line, and a stout defense to win Super Bowls though. Just ask Steve Young or John Elway :wink: .

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Postby buddyboy » Fri Nov 18, 2005 5:08 pm

'renting' t.o. would be an interesting idea. he would essentially be acting as a mercenary. no true allegiance to any team, which he's basically been doing anyway.

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