Falcons outplayed

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Falcons outplayed

Postby Pudge » Sun Jan 23, 2005 6:15 pm

Honestly, I'm not surprised with the results of this game. Philly was and has always been the better team, and it was going to take a tremendous effort from the Falcons to win this game.

You can complain all you want about tackling, dropped balls, play-calling or whatever, but basically the Eagles outplayed the Falcons, because as I said before they were the better team.

Of course, we can take the positive spin from this and say that this was a great effort from a first year coach and a team learning "new" offensive and defensive systems. We can always say next year, but we'll see what McKay & Co. do to make this team better this off-season.

The better team won today, the Eagles should have been 15-1 this year, and they showed it today why they were the tops of our conference.

Of course I am disappointed and slightly devastated. Even counting 1998, this was the biggest game I've ever seen from the Falcons, probably because back then I was a bit too young to appreciate the circumstances. Hopefully I can go to sleep at night thinking that this was simply the first step in many that is going to make the Falcons a winning franchise, as hard as it is for me to swallow right now...

Basically I'll sum up my feelings as the following:

:( :? :x :oops: :cry: :evil:
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Postby natequinn23 » Sun Jan 23, 2005 7:19 pm

i agree Pudge it will take a few weeks to really be hyped up again

but it was a better season than i expected

we did get out played i think our ol needs work

we need a True number one WR or atleast two good number two

and for the first time all year i was not happy with our secondary

i am upset at the lost but i will take what we did this year over what

we have done most season any time

i look foward to aug 6 against the Colts and what moves will be this off


i hope that all off you will contuine to post durning this off season

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Postby Capologist » Mon Jan 24, 2005 8:36 pm

We just simply didn't make the plays when we needed to. I think that is really the difference. To win the big ones you got to have playmakers on both sides of the ball. We don't quite have enough yet...

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