Week 7 Breakdown: MNF VS New York Jets

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Week 7 Breakdown: MNF VS New York Jets

Postby Capologist » Tue Nov 01, 2005 10:24 pm

Here's what I saw:


Running game: Dunn was once again, the man plain and simple. Griffith was effective in spelling Dunn. Vick didn't have a lot of success running as the Jets used a 5 man line most of the time to contain his runs (thus 9 carries for 18 yards). He did find the endzone twice however.

Breakdown of passes:

Vick: 11/26 with 7 bad throws, 5 drops (Jenkins 1, Dunn 1, Finneran 1, Crumpler 2), 1 pass defended, and 2 other. On two of the INT's Crump had his hands on the ball and by the players and coaches definition, they were drops. Not to lay all the blame on them, Vick struggled with accuracy.

YTD Drops (18): Dez White (4), Brian Finneran (5), Michael Jenkins (4), Roddy White (1), Alge Crumpler (3), Warrick Dunn (1).

Sack responsibility: Three sacks in this game. Michael Jenkins on the first but in fairness, he was asked to block John Abraham, not exactly fair. The second is on Vick, he ran while Forney had Abraham blocked and as Vick started to pass Forney from behind, Abraham broke off and got him. Vick should have stayed in the pocket or saw a lane that simply wasn't there. The final sack was either on a wrong play call or a missed route. Impossible to know which one.

Pass blocking: Jets used 5 and 6 men all night so they had good pressure. Our line held up well. The only blatant missed block came on McClure who missed a cut on Abraham that forced Vick to throw it away.


Run defense was SUPERB. Antwan Lake certainly stepped up and deserves more PT. Babineaux, Chauncey Davis and Shropshire all showed excellent speed.

Pass coverage on WR's was what I expected. It's the philosophy of giving up the short stuff and making them put together long drives flawlessly. Played off the ball and short 2 yard passes became 5 and 7 yard catches all day long. I honestly believe this is done because of the inconsistent over the top help as well as inconsistent nickel play. I literally didn't have to change the last two sentences of this explanation.

4 sacks: D-mo, Lake, Shropshire and Coleman. Great pressure and 3 turnovers, 1 an INT by D. Hall, #4 on the season.

Special Teams:

Rossum had two returns, 1 for 11 and 1 for 3. Kick off returns were okay by Cobb. Not outstanding but not poor either.

Koenen kickoffs were booming. 4 went into the EZ (2 touchbacks), 1 was to the 10, 1 was to the 5. Overall, a very nice job. Punting was pretty good. Averaged 40.2 yards with only 18 return yards. Peterson made his two field goals. Overall, the kicking game was very good.

Things that really need improvement:

1. The passing game. Vick needs to work on accuracy so as to not require the WR's make great plays on a large percentage of throws. WR's need to make some plays. Vick also needs to look downfield a little more and take some risks.

2. The depth in the secondary still needs improvement somehow, some way. It probably won't be personnel moves at this point so we may be looking at this one all year.

3. Develop the killer instinct. Blowouts are allowed, we need to start doing it instead of letting teams creep back into it in the second half.

Offensive MVP: Warrick Dunn
Defensive MVP: Demorrio Williams/Antwan Lake
Special Teams MVP: Michael Koenen

Goat of the Week: The passing game.

Good news: Offense was good in spurts and the passing game wasn't very impressive but our defense picked up the slack and got turnovers and plays when we needed them.

Week 8: Bye week

Week 9: AT Miami Dolphins

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Postby MarylandFalcon1 » Wed Nov 02, 2005 12:06 pm

I always have to say thanks for these Cap, it keeps me in the know.

"I am certainly not afraid to have Brian Finneran on the field. Has he ever not made plays? He just makes plays. He is one of those guys that just makes plays. He is dependable."

J. Mora JR.

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Postby Capologist » Wed Nov 02, 2005 6:41 pm

I fully expect these things to be more timely now that I'm somewhat caught up...LOL

Anything that anyone thinks I need to add just let me know!

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Postby Interceptor » Wed Nov 02, 2005 7:31 pm

Outstanding stuff, as usual. I reallly like these.

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