Mike Nolan hiring

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Mike Nolan hiring

Postby Pudge » Wed Jan 19, 2005 3:37 pm

Does anybody else think this 49ers-Nolan hiring is very similar to our hiring of Jim Mora. Nolan has a lot of similarities with Mora. Both are sons of solid NFL coaches and have worked under and in a variety of organizations. Nolan, has more experience as a coordinator, and probably is the more "well-rounded" coach having spent a year coaching WRs in Baltimore, and not just doing defense.

I remember talking smack with 49er fans last August before our opening day game, and them saying how people within the 49ers organization thought the Falcons made the mistake by hiring Mora to be head coach, and Knapp to be off. coordinator, and it should have been switched, with Knapp as head guy, and Mora as DC. But it seems that the 49ers let one get away, and Mora has had great success here in Atlanta. I'm sure some skeptics will still say Mora is only an average coach with one great player on his team, but the Falcons have been hungry all season long, and have overachieved IMO to a very high degree. We have gone 12-5 this year, and I suspect we would be at the very least 9-7 or 10-6 this year, so I had high expectations going into this year, but the fact that the Falcons have not lost two games in a row, and have made progress throughout the year, shows me that Mora's ability is just the tip of the iceberg. I'm not about to elect him into the Hall of Fame, but it seems that he could be a guy that is capable of bringin Atlanta a few championships over the next few years, or at least getting them to the next level, so that his successor is able to do so.

But I just feel like the 49ers are trying to mimic the Mora hire with their hiring of Nolan. I think Nolan is going to be a good coach because he reminds me so much of Mora. The big question in San Fran is whether they are going to get a competent GM that is going to bring in the right players.

Wouldn't it be very interesting if the 49ers managed to hire Tim Ruskell, a McKay protege? It would be one time in the history of sports that it was all lopsided. Instead of the Falcons trying to mimic the success of that organization, it would be the 49ers mimicking the Falcons.
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Postby natequinn23 » Wed Jan 19, 2005 4:11 pm

yes i think it is much the same however i dont think that he has the same

fire and direction as Mora does

i hope it is a good hire but Mora just blew away everone in the intreview

and i have not heard any thing from the Ryan interview

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