Philly vs San Diego,Eagles one lucky team!

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Philly vs San Diego,Eagles one lucky team!

Postby thescout » Sun Oct 23, 2005 4:53 pm

I was watching the Eagle game today since the Falcon's play on monday night and wanted to see how san diego played the Eagles.A few things about the game Tomlinson I don't think had one yard against the Eagles defense the whole game.This is with Trotter playing so I think if the Eagles and falcon's do matchup in the playoffs it is going to be difficult running.The Falcon's need to fine tune there passing game which we already know..Second,Philly since it has no running game has to throw the ball over 40 times a game.Normally its bad but since the philly off line protects mcnabb so well he can still pick your defense apart.Terrell Owens was almost shut down the whole game although he did get a TD reception.

Here is what ticked me off about the game.San Diego had the Eagles on the ropes 4 and 2.San Diego up 17-13.They decide to kick a 40 something yarder and what happens.Philly blocks it and runs it half the field for the touchdown to lead 20-17 with about 3:21 to play in the game and the chargers no time outs.How lucky is that? Philly could not muster any offense against SAn Diego yet on a fluke block the field goal and score the go ahead touchdown.

Philly kicks off to San Diego and Brees is ready to mount a drive.He takes the chargers to the 37 yd line with about 1:40 seconds left.Next play throws it to reche caldwell for a good gain but what happens the philly defender knocks the ball loose and philly recovers.Amazing.Philly lucks this win out when they should be 3-3.Teams need to learn to put philly away.For some reason it is luck like this that makes me think philly will be in the playoffs and the falcon's will face them somewhere down the road.

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Postby Pudge » Sun Oct 23, 2005 7:00 pm

You're right about one thing, the Eagles with Trotter are significantly better team.
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