Week 4 Game Breakdown

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Week 4 Game Breakdown

Postby Capologist » Fri Oct 07, 2005 7:24 pm

Here's what I saw:


Running game: We pretty much did whatever we wanted to with the Run. Vick ran well, Schaub ran well, Dunn did great and Duckett sealed the deal in the end.

Breakdown of passes: Two parter this week-
Vick: 6/8, 1 TD, no turnovers and 1 BEAUTIFUL play action pass. I LOVED the way he hid that ball. The 2 Incompletes were off-target throws but good decisions. I wished he could have finished the game, he was having a great game.

Schaub: 5/14, no turnovers. My initial reaction was he wasn't passing well but after watching the game again, he made great decisions and throws for the most part. He ended up with 4 Other, 2 Defended, 2 Dropped (R. White and Crump), 1 Bad pass (overthrew R. White). He managed the game very well.

Sack responsibility: The only one was a coverage sack and Beverly allowed the first pressure but will go to the "other" category.

Pass blocking: Very nice for the most part. There was pressure on the QB's but they either threw it away or ran to avoid the sacks. Although I'd like to see more of a true pocket consistently, they are doing a good job of keeping me somewhat quiet.


Run defense was better early and gave up some yards on delays in the 2nd half. Mostly because we were looking pass.

Pass coverage on WR's was very good. INT's by D. Hall and Brooking were icing on the cake.

D-line was outstanding as was all the blitz calls. Donatell seemed to call them at the perfect times.

Brooking was a force today and the postgame radio show said he had been playing through an injury so that may have been a huge reason why he wasn't what we expected early on.

Special Teams:

Rossum didn't get a chance to return much but you can really see the difference he makes.

Koenen kicked off very well yet again. 5 went into the EZ (2 for Touchbacks) and the others went to the 2 yard line and 1 was a squib kick to end the half. Outstanding job. Punting wasn't up to par. 2 were okay and 1 was awful. Peterson was perfect on the day. Overall, the kicking game was pretty good.

Things that really need improvement:

1. Run defense in nickel situations and on delays.
3. Use the passing game a little more, Vick has earned that right.
4. Consistency in the punt game.

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