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Joke Schedule

Postby MarylandFalcon1 » Mon Oct 03, 2005 3:10 pm

I know I have already talked about Tampa's cake Schedule, but after seeing what I saw today I have to wonder who makes up the schedules in this league. Check out these games by the two teams that LOST their league championship game.

LYR: Last years record
TYR: This years recond
* Made Playoffs
** Division Winner
@ Super Bowl

Falcons Colts
Oppenent LYR TYR Opponent LYR TYR
Eagles 13-3**@ 3-1 Ravens 9-7 1-3
Seahawks 9-7** 2-2 Jaguars 9-7 1-3
Bills 9-7 1-3 Browns 4-12 1-2
Vikings 8-8* 1-3 Titans 5-11 1-3
Patriots 14-2**@ 2-2 49ers 2-14 1-3
Saints 8-8 2-2 Rams 8-8* 2-2
Jets 10-6* 1-3 Texans 7-9 0-3
Bye Bye

Falcons = Number of Playoff Teams from last year 5
Colts = Number of Playoff Teams from last year 1 (the 8-8 Rams!)
Falcons = Number of Teams with winning record from last year 7 (ALL!)
Colts = Number of Teams with a winning record from last year 3
Falcons = Opponent WvL 12-16
Colts = Opponents WvL 7-19

If you don't think the Colts will yawn and then walk into their Bye Week undefeated then you are crazy. Also, after their Bye they get the Patriots (or the Hospital Ward) and then the Texans again....

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