List of free agents at tackle this off season

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List of free agents at tackle this off season

Postby thescout » Thu Dec 23, 2004 10:29 pm

Here is a list of free agents at tackle.Who should the falcon's pursue.I would look at the top NFL lines like the colts,packers,Steelers etc etc since they have success but would Gibbs want them? ... osition=OT

Jonas Jennings UFA Bills
Marcus Price UFA Bills
Tom Ashworth RFA Patriots
Brandon Gorin RFA Patriots
Adrian Klemm UFA Patriots
Kareem McKenzie UFA Jets
Brian Rimpf ERFA Ravens
Damion Cook RFA Ravens
Ethan Brooks UFA Ravens
Kirk, Chambers ERFA Browns
Lewis Dawson ERFA Browns
Joaquin Gonzalez RFA Browns
Bo Lacy ERFA Steelers
Barrett Brooks UFA Steelers
Oliver Ross UFA Steelers
Marcus Spears UFA Texans
Ryan Diem UFA Colts
Bob Whitfield UFA Jaguars
Brad Lekkerkerker ERFA Raiders
Langston Walker RFA Raiders
Joe Wong RFA Raiders
Chad Slaughter UFA Raiders
Carlos Joseph ERFA Chargers
Victor Rogers RFA Lions
Stockar McDougle UFA Lions
Kevin Barry RFA Packers
Adam Haayer RFA Vikings
Scott Tercero ERFA Rams
Orlando Pace UFA Rams
Walter Jones UFA Seahawks
Floyd Womack UFA Seahawks
Jerome Davis UFA 49ers
Kevin Shaffer RFA Falcons
Dave Kadela ERFA Panthers
Mike Houghton UFA Panthers
Matt Willig UFA Panthers
Victor Riley UFA Saints
Anthony Davis ERFA Buccaneers
Greg Walker ERFA Giants
Brandon Winey UFA Giants
Ian Allen RFA Eagles
Tra Thomas UFA Eagles

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Postby Pudge » Fri Dec 24, 2004 9:17 am

Among the players on that list, I think only Tom Ashworth and Ryan Diem are the only players that really fit the style that Gibbs prefers. Both are RTs, so unless the team is planning on replacing Weiner, then there's really no need to go after those players.

If the team wants to upgrade the OT spot, they need to do it via the draft.
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