Forney given high marks by USA Today

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Forney given high marks by USA Today

Postby Pudge » Fri Jul 15, 2005 12:32 pm

He was considered an On the Rise player at the guard position and was rated 14th best guard in the league according to USA Today/Sports XChange's position ratings.

Forney did play exceptionally well last year when you compare it to past years. He and Weiner form a bookend right side. Of course, Weiner wasn't as good last year as he was in 2002 when he first arrived, but he still is a savvy veteran that has some off days, but for the most part plays pretty well.

It's interesting considering Forney's journey to this point. He was not a highly-touted guy at Hawaii, and basically was drafted by us due to a recommendation by June Jones. Jones indicated that Forney was the best of his linemen, which was interesting considering Adrian Klemm and Kaulana Noa were 2nd and 4th round picks the season before. We all groaned at this because it seemed anything that came out of June Jones mouth was worth a damn.

He struggled for 2 seasons, as it seemed that the team forced him into the starting lineup based on the factor that they "loved how he practiced." Some games he was decent and good, and others he was lost. He showed some improvement over the years, but mostly for his first 3 years in the league, he was hot and cold, a physical run blocker that was too inconsistent in pass protection.

Enter Gibbs, and we all hope that things will change. The Falcons go out on a limb and give Forney a contract extension before the season, believing that he's going to have a career year. He does, and the hope is his star continues to rise. We really need Forney to continue to improve. If we can get one top notch OG on this unit, then it will help the rest of the unit. That's one of the problems with this line, is that it doesn't have any top players. Forney is probably the only player that could be considered in the Top 20 of his position. Weiner is a Top 20 RT, but when you factor into it LTs and such, he's probably barely in the Top 30 or 35.

Let's hope that in future drafts/free agency, we can continue to bolster our line.
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