If DL depth becomes a problem, we know who to turn to

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If DL depth becomes a problem, we know who to turn to

Postby Pudge » Fri Jul 15, 2005 2:52 am

The Broncos just acquired DE John Engelberger from San Fran in exchange for 1st round bust Willie Middlebrooks. He is now the 17th D-lineman on their roster.

He is also the 11th of those 17 that has regular starting experience in the NFL (has started at least 12 games in a single NFL season), so the Broncos are big on experience if not talent.

Even if you factor in 1 or 2 injuries, it's hard to see the Broncos keeping more than 10 of those guys, meaning there are going to be a lot of relatively-experienced DLs available come cutdown days at the end of August.

If the Falcons find themselves with lacking depth along the D-line (which has been the case each of the last 2 summers), we can use the Broncos cast-offs to fill our roster.

Now if you look at their roster, unless Trevor Pryce or Courtney Brown are completely 100%, they lack any top talent on that unit, but they have some decent bodies that have experience being in starting lineups and rotations.

3 players to watch out for are:

1. Chukie Nwokorie - in 2001, as a situational guy with the Colts he had 5 sacks. Hasn't made much of a splash since, but has good size and edge speed to be a situational guy. Can possibly move inside to DT on passing downs.

2. Anton Palepoi - struggled in Seattle because he can't stop the run. But a good fit as a situational edge pass rusher. Had 3 sacks last year.

3. Aaron Hunt - has yet to play a down in the NFL, but was a productive college DE, that had 3 sacks and a blocked FG for a TD in NFL Europe this past spring, showing some of that edge rushing ability he had in college.

Likely at least 2 of those 3 guys will be cut by the Broncos, and available for the Falcons to bolster their DE depth, where we are weakest. We'll see, but something to think about now if we are looking for DL help come September.
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