What do we do to end the streak?

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What do we do to end the streak?

Postby Pudge » Fri Jan 07, 2005 4:07 pm

It seems that most contend that the Falcons will have a winning season for the second consecutive for the first time in franchise history in 2005. Why? Because barring a major injury to #7, there's no reason why it shouldn't happen.

But what happens if Vick goes down for 6, 8, 10, or maybe even 16 weeks next year? Does this team have the talent elsewhere to win without him? Or rather put, win 9 games without him?

I contend most will so no. And I would agree. But what should we do about that? Shouldn't we start to make additions/changes that will make us less of a "one-man" team?

Where should those additions/changes occur? I'm thinking that with Schaub at the helm, we can still be a semi-successful team if we strengthen the running attack and the defense. I think most would agree that those were areas we should be strengthening anyway, but let me continue...

I think we need to make sure that we have 2 good backs in here. Knapp did a good job utilizing Duckett & Dunn this year. Could he have done better? Yes, but I still think he did a good job. Both guys are relatively healthy heading into the playoffs and should have very fresh legs in another week.

So assuming we don't cut Dunn, that's taken care of. And if we do, we need to make sure we add somebody worth a damn to replace him. But I think strengthening the run game will focus mostly on the O-line. We need to improve that area. I don't expect a complete turnaround in a single year. We have one of the weaker lines in the league, and I would suspect that in 2005, the best I can hope for is average, since even if we brought in top talent, it would still take time for these guys to gel. So that's why I'd only recommend bringing in no more than 2 new starters. A complete overhaul and you get a unit similar to the Redskins, which is quite talented, but because they haven't really gelled, they don't play that well.

As for the defense, I think the most important things will be improving the front 4, and getting at least one quality DB (preferably SS). I think adding a decent player at DE is going to go a long way, and also improving the depth at DT since none of those guys are known for their durability. LB is okay for now, esp. if Williams starts next year on the outside, so we don't need to force a move there. I'd like to add a quality run-stuffing safety at SS and move Scott to FS, which I think will do the defense wonders.

So in essence, if I'm McKay, I might be focusing on OL, DL, and S the most this off-season because I think that's the best way we ensure that we don't dip back to 5-11 in 2005.
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good points I see the same thing

Postby thescout » Fri Jan 07, 2005 4:57 pm

On some other threads I had been contemplating a corner in round 1 carlos rogers but realistically I do not see that happening.I think the falcon's want to give Webster another year to see what he can do injury free.It would be nice to find a corner in the 4th or 5th that hopefully has some potential.

Getting back to your point Pudge,I also agree off line and def line plus add a safety are the biggest needs.If we let Dunn go which I doubt good running backs can be found in the mid rounds.I also agree we need a big def tackle since I think the pass rush lately has been worn down due to our players being at a disadvantage since they are lighter in weight wears them down more.I think we are on the same page it is just a matter of how we acquire the players through free agency and the draft.Capologist is figuring out how much money will be left to spend in free agency so I hope I few more million to get at least a guard and tackle in free agency on off line that we we don't get pinned down in the draft forced to take a player higher than he should have gone due to filling a need.

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