What would falcon offense be if Norm Chow were coordinator?

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What would falcon offense be if Norm Chow were coordinator?

Postby thescout » Wed Jan 05, 2005 7:34 pm

I know this won't happen but watching the USC game and following Chow's success for a couple of years makes me wonder how dangerous the falcon offense would be if he were offensive coordinator instead of Knapp.Just a bit of background on Chow he was offensive coordiator for teams such as Brigham Young when Steve Young.Robbie Bosco,and Jim Mcmahon was there,offensive coordinator for USC when Palmer,Leinhart and I believe had something to do with Phil Rivers at least it said it on telecast last night.My opinion is Chow is long deserving of a job in the pros and is one of the best offensive minds in the pros or college.

Getting back to my question Knapp vs Chow how would the offense be different?I saw mixing up the plays alot more than what Knapp usually does run on first down.I saw alot of passing down field ,receiver going over the middle and I don't believe Leinhart used a 3 step drop.Consider also though that lLinehart had time to pass the ball and the USC offensive line was pass blocking and run blocking something the falcon's line can't do.It is a bit unfair to compare the 2 at this stage until the falcon's offensive line is better but if you consider the history,the ability of Chow to work with many QB's and his understanding how to not have the offense stall and score I would think Chow would eat knapp's lunch.The Oklahoma defense was highly ranked and Chow with his offense made them look silly.Wish we had chow for the falcon's he would make Vick into a passing and running QB much quicker and other teams would truly fear playing the falcon's with an offense that would make defensive coordinators have a lot of sleepless nights.

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Postby Pudge » Wed Jan 05, 2005 9:32 pm

Well, you said it. Chow's offense is more vertically-oriented pro offense than that of Knapp. I noticed the Trojans using a mobile pocket for much of the night, which I think helped neutralize the Sooner's pass rush.

You would probably see the Falcons under Norm Chow lining up Dunn at WR which we saw some of under Reeves, but I don't recall it being used with Knapp.

I'm not ready to throw Knapp under the bus just yet, but I do agree some improvement is needed. But I will give him the benefit of the doubt, and say that this was his first year. If by the end of his second year, we don't see some diversity and innovation in his offense, then we can start calling for his head. But I think a very limiting factor for Knapp was how this offense was foreign to most of his offensive players.

The knock on Chow is that he has no NFL coaching experience, but that was the same knock on Scott Linehan (Vikes OC), who is one of the hottest coaching prospects in the league right now, and will likely have a head coaching job by next fall if not this one.
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