Bengals' Johnson taunts Hall

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Bengals' Johnson taunts Hall

Postby BirdBrain » Thu Oct 26, 2006 7:29 am

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Published on: 10/26/06

Flowery Branch — Chad Johnson's scalp is at stake.

The loquacious Bengals receiver said that if Falcons cornerback DeAngelo Hall — "DeAngelo Fall," according to Johnson — gets the best of him and Atlanta wins Sunday's game in Cincinnati, he will shave off his blond Mohawk.

"You know how much that Mohawk means to me right now," Johnson said in a conference call Wednesday.

Surprisingly, the equally boisterous Hall, who has engaged in months of good-natured verbal jousting with Johnson since both played in the Pro Bowl last February, declined to engage in a war of words.

"He can do what he wants to do with his hair," said Hall, who leads the Falcons with four interceptions. "Our team is going to battle his team. He knows what kind of challenge he's laid out there. I don't need to talk about it."

If there are mind games being played, Hall might have made the first tactical strike. Since the spring, Johnson, who has 30 receptions for 373 yards and one touchdown, has targeted Hall as the one cornerback he has set his sights on. His boasting Wednesday was predictable.

Hall's lack of response was not.

"Is everybody sitting down?" Johnson asked at the outset of the call. "It's going down. I've been quiet all year. I haven't said a word. This is my week. From this point on, it's going down. The topic of the day is DeAngelo Fall. Take the 'H' out, put the 'F' in, because that's what it's going to be.

"I've been waiting on this, man. It's like Christmas for me. This had not been going well for me. It hasn't been a fast year. I'm having a decent year, but if any game I'm going to jump out and get back where I need to be, it's this one here, going against Mr. Fall.

"He claims himself to be the greatest defensive back since the old No. 21 [Deion Sanders] retired. So he's self-proclaiming himself the best defensive back in the game right now. I'm going to self-proclaim him out of that position when I'm done with him on Sunday."

Told of Johnson's remarks, Hall steadfastly refused to bite.

"It's game time, and the bottom line is you've got to see me," Hall said about his rationale for not firing back. "All your fancy one-liners and two-word jokes, they're all funny. They're good comedy. Everybody likes it. At the end of the day though, he has to be on the field with me and my teammates."

Johnson said Hall is going to need the backup.

"Whether they double me or triple me like everyone else is doing, this week Chad is back," Johnson said. "He'd better tell Lawyer Milloy to help. Tell Mr. [Chris] Crocker to help him. Whatever he has to do, it's going down.

"In pregame, I'm going to wear my jersey backwards so my name is on the front because that's all he's doing to see during the game, is my name, which means they will be looking at me from the back."

Johnson acknowledged that his jabs are all out of respect for Hall.

"On a serious note, he is very, very, very good, and he's worthy of being one of the best in the NFL," Johnson said. "He is. He has all the intangibles of being one of the best. Himself, Champ Bailey, Chris McAllister, there's not too many guys that can play that island coverage.

"Also, I'm one of the best in the league. In order for me to be one of the best, I have to embarrass one of the best. This Sunday, I'm going out to embarrass the best. He couldn't cover me in a phone booth, and you know how tight that is."

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Postby backnblack » Thu Oct 26, 2006 9:02 am

Johnson is going to be tough but I always kind of like my chances with the guy who doesn't talk all the pre-game trash. I recall listening to Chad on a radio show piror to last year's SB and was surprised how humble and thoughtful he actually was as well as funny. In the end, I think it is going to be about what kind of pressure our DL can bring. If it is like last week--precious little--Hall could have a bad afternoon. Nobody can cover if a QB has six or seven seconds back there to pick you apart.

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Postby widetrak21 » Thu Oct 26, 2006 10:29 am

Yeah Dline pressure is paramount. Really wish we hard Abraham for this one. Palmer's not the qb to give time too and let him sit back and pick one of the three receivers to throw to. I expect Henry to be in there for this one.

I kinda like Hall's approach, the talkings been done, now its time to play. One thing Chad always does, and he's not gonna be able to do it to Hall, and thats run right by him. Once Chad gets going he's hard to catch, but he's simply not gonna be able to out physical or out run Hall. Now what I do fear is Donatella making them play some soft ass coverage, where Houshmanzadeh kills us underneath all day long with Web "sticking" him. I'd love to see Hall be able to come up to the line and get physical with Johnson. Most corners can play bump on him, and then still be able to turn and run with him too.
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Postby Pudge » Thu Oct 26, 2006 11:12 am

You never know what Donatella has brewing in his head, well besides a good defensive gameplan. How much man coverage vs. zone coverage we see. How much we see Hall shadowing Johnson, these are questions that won't be answered until Sunday.
According to the Bengals offical depth chart, Johnson is their split end, which means he'll likely be the one matched up against Webster for most of the day.

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