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Re: predictions?

Postby fun gus » Tue Jun 03, 2014 11:19 pm

dirtybirdnw wrote:Very cool, Atlanta introducing the rooks to the town.

I was kind of surprised. They had a whole slew of rookies there, and even though it was a 'fundraiser' : honestly, why court trouble? I mean we had (in the past) guys who 'fell down their stairs' and 'jet ski accident', hell even a 'deer hit my car'....Does it seem cray cray to me that opening these guys up to the *ahem* general public in an event like this is kinda....well....

You know what: no one got injured, and all had fun. I am rethinking my stance on injuries.

hIf you asked me a year ago, if this was a 'good' idea, I would have said 'no'. But, Pudge is right: anyone of these guys could have 'slipped on a wet spot' and tore something, and it would be the same as if it was in OTA's.

Mea Culpa.

I wonder if they do this every year? It was 'real time' sh*t with guys who were real rookies. And not just some 'sign and grin', it was kinda cool. When we showed up they were already going at it between themselves. I was amazed by some stuff: the linebackers threw the 'big balls' down the lane so hard, and then they would smack into the pins so hard: some went into the other lanes! then they would have to bring out a 'lane dude'...never saw that before...I mean I never saw pins go INTO another lane before...

And there would be one or two left standing.


One tiny, tiny chick in my wife's employ was kicking ALL of our asses well into the 10th, and was givin' mr Nix the 'bidness', and it was very,very comical. I will admit, I went last Friday to bowl, just so I would not be 'worse' then the ladies...I 'rehearsed', but I stunk it up. I think this is a pretty neat charity thing: it's 'kinda' sporty, but not so much. I did get to see the new backup from Cornell sling a couple 16 pounders. Right next to some the 'beef'. I actually have some youtube/facebook video that is okay...

no more about this shenanigans :whistle:
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Re: predictions?

Postby dirtybirdnw » Wed Jun 04, 2014 11:22 am

Though, based on the post it doesn't look like any of our top rookies where there. Shembo seems to be the highest pick there. I'm guessing most the rookies where late round picks and UDFA's. If Dom Davis was the most notable veteran I'm not to concerned about the event.
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