Once Again Ryan & Receivers go Cold in the 3rd Quarter

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Once Again Ryan & Receivers go Cold in the 3rd Quarter

Postby Cyril » Mon Dec 23, 2013 11:54 pm

Its so hard to understand?? Ryan plays like a star the whole first half taking what Frisco would
give them. Then once again receivers look sluggish and Ryan only has 1 first down in the third quarter. Through 20 minutes in the second half the Falcon offense only had 2 first downs...

Then as is the the past Ryan, turns into the best Qb in the league with ten minutes left.....I've
mentioned this before but it always leaves us coming up short, or barely hanging on....

I swear I would change up how our teams gets ready to play the second half....Their's got to be a reason why Ryan and Offense can't get it going in the third quarter......then turns on a dime every fourth quarter..... I'd try something different about getting ready to play in the third quarter.... Have receivers and Ryan perhaps run routes and catch instead of a 15 minute break and very little warm up going into the third quarter.... I'd try anything to break this 5 year cycle......

They play is to good in the first half and it doesn't seem like teams are changing that much in the third quarter to stop us. We stop ourselves.
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