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Postby Cyril » Mon Dec 09, 2013 12:56 am

OK, here's what I've observed.... Before the game as in all games the qb throws about 40+
passes. All to different receivers and sometimes different patters, as does he also practice their run without real blocking.

Matt Ryan is an rhythm Qb, meaning I believe he needs this practice before games to get a sharp as he needs to be.

First two quarters Matt may play as good as any Qb in the league; really he often goes 14 out of 15 on passes or 11 out of 12. Their's nobody better!! Now this is a big deal!!

Now lets all think about this and if its stupid so be it; but this has been a 3rd quarter problem since Ryan got here...& Smith.

So today I really noticed as we came out we were 3-0ut about 3 straight times and then had a turnover....and I really thought about something.....

Ryan plays close to terrible in the third quarter as compared to the first quarter. Now I now some of this can be the offensive line; other mistakes; often we receive and don't get the ball back for 5 minutes.

What about this---- If your at games live the kickers come out first so they can have the field;
and they practice first..... Then later the rest of the team comes out.......

(keep your mind open) What if Ryan needs the extra throws after half time; he may pass it 10 times to a receiver; 10 yards away; and what if that's not enough to get him ready for the third quarter; I have never seen him continue to throw when the third quarter starts......

Now I put this on the coaches; because I'd be trying anything to have better Qb play in the third quarter!! i haven't really blamed Ryan because the rest of his game is so good; but what if he really needed more preparation before the third quarter. After he;s seen the field for about 15 plays he goes back to playing great; but those 15 plays can give the ball back 3 or 4 times!!

You notice about at the ten minute mark Ryan is looking good again; but we're behind
or tied already to give him so many comeback tries. Now obviously I know the line has kinda sucked all 5 years and sometimes its not on him, but sometimes it is.

So he usually plays lights out in the 4th quarter again, but we give up so much in that third quarter. I don't think you can go by scoring stats because perhaps the defense helped us or hurt us; but we do have these stalled drives for the first ten minutes of the third quarter where perhaps Ryan is not even as mobile or fiery.

Of Course this is a big flaming guess but I've never heard Ryan or Smith talk about their third quarter woes. Their both so interested in talking team when the Qb is 70% of the offense.

I mean I'd try anything------ What if Ryan put a lot more into his third quarter preparation,
got game ready and just didn't think about adjustments?? Understand this is not an attack on Ryan. He plays so good in the first half perhaps the numbers just catch up with him;
then he plays good again in the second half.... Tony G. could have caught his pass in the fourth;(slightly behind him) and Harry just rubs me wrong as he drops what would have got us into field goal range in the fourth. (JUST THROWING THAT IN) so if I think Ryan plays 3. 7 almost great of a whole game; and his troubles and the teams start always at the beginning of the third quarter could their perhaps be a reason Why Ryan plays so differently in the first 3QUARTERS OF THE THIRD QUARTER....The person who figures this out should get a million,
but I'd be happy to have a reason why the offense is always ice cold in the third quarter....

Comments as usual are welcome; I realize I'm reaching but with Coach Smith's experience with defenses in all third quarters I just don't think he can say something to make our offense come out and suck for the first ten minutes of the third quarter for 5 years....

When we had better players it was even more noticeable; but Matt Ryan is the QB of the offense and he needs to know he plays like s*** for the beginning of the third quarter as compared to playing almost sometimes perfect in the first half!! His attitude does rub off on the offensive linemen; I thought he was giving it 100% today at all times including looking serious about it!!
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Postby fun gus » Mon Dec 09, 2013 8:55 am

I think you may be onto something here..Probably a combination of alot of factors...

Part of it could be Ryan's 'rythym'..And art of it is adjustments made by the other team.

But it might also be 'identity'. When this happens for so many years, the team accepts it. They come to subconciously believe it to be true. This is where a good, motivated coach steps in an makes changes.

Smith has not gotten this straight in 3 years. We still struggle coming out from the locker room at halftime. We may see 'exceptions' to this, but it is our identity. :ninja:
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Postby Pudge » Mon Dec 09, 2013 12:49 pm

Good points, and something to contemplate.

Traditionally over his career, Ryan is at his best in the 2nd and 4th quarter. These often are the quarters where the Falcons have utilized the no-huddle, which it is no secret that Ryan is very good at and probably one of the 5 best QBs in th eleague when he is asked to utilize it.

The Falcons rarely utilize the no-huddle in the 1st and 3rd quarters, and rarely in the first 10 minutes of those quarters. Coincidence? Probably not.

Not saying that is the main reason for the team's struggles, but I think it's probably a major contributor. As fun gus says, it's probably a multitude of factors.

But I think it wouldn't hurt if the Falcons started the no-huddle right off the bat in the 3rd quarter. Unfortunately, it's hard to kick off the no-huddle if you can't build off a good play to start the 3rd quarter. He are the Falcons first offensive plays of the 3rd quarter this year.

Been successful on 2 of 4 runs, but have failed to get a first down on 7 of 9 passing plays.

Week 1 - 4 yd pass to Julio Jones
Week 2 - -4 yd run by Jason Snelling
Week 3 - incomplete pass to Jacquizz Rodgers
Week 4 - 13 yd pass to Jacquizz Rodgers
Week 5 - 15 yd pass to Tony Gonzalez
Week 7 - 5 yd run by Jacquizz Rodgers
Week 8 - 2 yd pass to Patrick DiMarco
Week 9 - 0 yd pass to Steven Jackson
Week 10 - 1 yd run by Steven Jackson
Week 11 - incomplete pass to Roddy White (deep pass)
Week 12 - incomplete pass to Steven Jackson
Week 13 - 6 yd pass to Antone Smith
Week 14 - 3 yd run by Steven Jackson
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