Are the Falcon's to emotional and can they win a Super Bowl?

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Are the Falcon's to emotional and can they win a Super Bowl?

Postby thescout » Sun Jun 18, 2006 2:33 am

What I meant to say is are the Falcon's to emotional in games and will it effect there winning games consistently all season and eventually win a Super Bowl? We saw last year the team bascially quit on a few games especially at the end of the season. Teams generally take on there personality of there coach.Mora is very emotional but needs to learn to use it in certain situations not all the time. You look at teams that win consistently they win on talent that has matured and a coach who is stable and not bent out of shape when he doesn't get a call from the ref.

Remember Tom Landry never emotional but his players knew what it took to win and didn't need all the hoopla to get up for a game.The Falcon"s need to get to that level which is something we should see this year if they are ready.

Teams can't win based on emotional for a 16 game schedule.That leads to playing teams who aren't as good but you end up losing games to them then when a good team comes to play you get all hyped up for and maybe pull out a win here and there . Will see how the season goes for not only players but Mora and staff.
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Postby buddyboy » Sun Jun 18, 2006 11:43 am

good point. the team does reflect the coaches demeanor. landry is a good example. lovie smith of the bears i think has that. very even keeled but intense. mora on the other hand seems almost bipolar. there were times he seemed completely indifferent to a game and others where you could see the rage in his face (and a couple of blow ups, kind of like daddy mora). i have to say it does concern me because the team was at times completely lackluster and passionless, and others out of control with stupid unsportman like penalties. if mora is the same bipolar guy this year and the team as well, i would not mind a change at all. in that case i'd love to get wisenhunt from the steelers (also the gatech connection).

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Postby Pudge » Sun Jun 18, 2006 7:30 pm

Emotion can be both a great boost to a team's play and a great detriment. A good example to me from this past year was the win over the Eagles followed by the loss against the Seahawks. The team was so up for that Eagles game that they were very drained the following week vs. Seattle.

It's really about finding that right balance. What that is, I have no idea. Mora is in the same sort of camp as Gruden and Cowher, two very visibly intense and emotional coaches that have won Super Bowls recently. Then you have someone like Belichick, who is definitely hard-nosed, but doesn't have the same sort of "sideline tenacity." One could argue a coach like Dungy because of his lack of intensity is why his teams have not yet gotten over the hump and gone beyond conference championship games.

It just comes down to how you best relay that to the players.
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