Which one does Arthur Blank get rid of?

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Re: Which one does Arthur Blank get rid of?

Postby Pudge » Mon Nov 25, 2013 9:37 pm

I'm 96% certain Koetter will keep his job. His suckiness is all part of the process. :roll:
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Re: Which one does Arthur Blank get rid of?

Postby The Mattural » Mon Nov 25, 2013 10:40 pm

Cyril wrote:

the only reason we were able to break that streak was because he stabilized the QB position. I respect your opinion but the tape doesn't lie, the same reasons the Falcons lost to the Arizona Cardinals in 2009 is the same reason they lost to the Packers, Giants, Niners, and why they are bad now. No pass rush, shoddy secondary, and weak LB play

Assuming you are right, then how big was choosing Ryan when 50% here wanted Dorsey?

Then our running game the first four years; he stabilzed that in a big way; taking pressure off of a young Ryan. What a great free agent pick-up.


When a coach leaves you in mid season it takes a lot to get some of the veterans to trust again. Getting Turner was as big as getting Ryan; and giving a #2 for Tony G. was a big deal.

Sorry but Ryan can't win 70% of the games by himself; the franchise was in total disarray,
and I can't believe Matt Ryan is the only thing T.D. did right!! We go 13-3 and go to the Championship game only because of Matt Ryan?? Come on, to go to the Championship game you really need a team.

Sure we won some games like we lost last night but that's what good team's do!!

Yes he did stabilize the running game but it's basically a push since he let it go to crap under his watch. The really good GMs in this league fix problems before they are problems. He stabalized the QB position then doesn't protect him. Does that make sense? It doesn't to me, not to mention ignoring other pressing needs while drafting career back ups how is Schann Shillenger working out instead of Greg Hardy who was selected two picks later. I think TD is very intelligent and will more than likely still be here next year and but hopefully for my sanity he will learn from his many misses and mistakes.
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