the good , the bad, and the ugly

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fun gus
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the good , the bad, and the ugly

Postby fun gus » Mon Sep 23, 2013 8:31 am

good: Lamar Holmes can be counted on at LT in a pinch. Snelling and Quizz stepped up mightily. Is there anything Snelling cannot do? Bryant looked good ( even though he missed that crucial one). Julio is a beast.
Our DT's are getting it done on the interior push. Worrilow and Bartu looked good as well. Liked seeing Tololio get a redzone TD.

bad:even though Osi got a 2 sacks and 2 FF, we still don't have much of a pass rush...I was hoping to see some inspired play from Massy..When Tannehill beats you like that, it's because he is not getting pressure from both sides:only from Osi and the DT's. Roddy just needs to sit for awhile. He is not effective, even as a decoy, and risking further injury this early in the season is a bad idea...Harry Douglas should not be returning punts, especially since we need him as our #3 WR now.

ugly: bad clock management, losing the game in the second half...AGAIN..our players are not conditioned for 60 minutes of play, or our adjustments are non-existant. Ryan was getting killed yesterday.

that being said: the SmittyBall Falcons have never lost back to back games when playing at home. We face the 3-0 Pats. There are only three ways this game turns out. Which one do you think will happen?

1:we play a complete game, win convincingly with our battered team, and hope is restored.
2:we jump up to an 1st half lead, then watch it dribble away and lose a heartbreaking close one(or win a squeeker)
3:we get our dicks knocked in the dirt, the Pats pound us and by the 4th qtr, the Dome is emptying out.

If I had to gamble: I would pick #2. And, if #2 or 3 occurs, and the Saints win, I don't think ( barring some injury or freak coincidence) we win the division.

If the unthinkable happens: we lose to the Pats AND the Jets on MNF=our season and playoff hopes are over at that point. Put a fork in it.

Methinks we lose to the Pats, then come out and murder the Jets on MNF, and go into the bye with more questions...

Lets hope I am wrong :ninja:
"what if there were no hypothetical situations?"

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Re: the good , the bad, and the ugly

Postby Pudge » Mon Sep 23, 2013 11:03 am

The Falcons could go 9-1 in their next 10 or could go 3-7 in their next 10, who knows. We shall see and that is what makes pro football compelling because the November and December are never like what you think the year is in September and October.

If you want a prediction, I think the Falcons win their next 4, and their road game vs. Carolina is iffy. It depends on if Carolina continues to build off this big win over NYG or they just settle back to being Carolina.

I'm not too worried about the Pats because they have nothing on offense. Even if Gronk is back, they don't have squat for Brady to throw to. And their defense has played well this year, but I think Matt Ryan and Julio Jones in the GA Dome is going to be a different animal than Geno Smith, EJ Manuel, and Josh Freeman.

The Jets won't be a pushover win either, because they have a good defense that can slow down our offense. But I don't think they have enough on offense that is going to beat the Falcons in the GA Dome.

Then we get a bye. Hopefully by then, if not sooner, Roddy White & Steven Jackson are 100%. TB won't be a pushover either. But if we can slow down Doug Martin (and our Run D looks much improved from last year) and a healthy Roddy means we have the potential to be effective throwing against that secondary. We can win that game.

Then we go on the road vs. Arizona. As we know from a year ago, the Cardinals ain't no joke. But I believe we can get after Palmer and force some TOs on the road, and surely Matt Ryan won't throw 5 picks this year against a lesser defense, so we can win that game.

But hey, it's possible the Falcons go 1-3 instead of 4-0. I don't deny that, and more than likely the season would be over at that point. But then again, the Redskins were 3-6 to start last year and made the playoffs, so anything is possible. :whistle:
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