Mr Jones?

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Mr Jones?

Postby fun gus » Sat Jun 01, 2013 2:05 pm ... ama-state/

Atlanta Falcons signed a massive Offensive Tackle from Alabama State
Draft News, Rookies
May 31, 2013
by Damond Talbot
Terren was a three-time All-SWAC performer and an AFCA All-American following his senior season at Alabama State University. He started every game at left tackle in 2012 helping the Hornets post more than 400 yards of total offense four times and score at least 30 points in six consecutive games. Terren is a mammoth 6’8 335 lb OG/OT prospect whom is ready for his opportunity to shine. Jones participated in the Raycom Classic, and impressed with his athleticism for a big man. He offers position versatility, something that is always coveted by teams dealing with injuries along their offensive line. The Atlanta Falcons could use depth at the guard/tackle position and with Jones athleticism I could see him latching on the 53 man roster. We had the pleasure to sit down with Terren Jones, check out our interview:
Shaun DePasquale: What do you feel are your srengths and weaknesses (things you may need to work on)?
Terren Jones:I think my strengths are thatur s I’m light on my feet and that my lateral movement is exceptional. My weakness is my initial punch. It’s crucial that I time my punch better and get better initial contact with the defender

SD: How do you feel your time at Alabama State helped you prepare for the NFL?

TJ: I think my preparation was sufficient. Despite being a small school, my offensive line coach really instilled great technique and fundamentals while I was there

SD: What did you take from the experience of being at the Raycom All Star Game?

TJ: At the all star game I was really exposed to greater talent then what I was used to in the FCS. They were much bigger, stronger, and faster. I think I adapted well and felt like I belonged playing with those guys.

SD: What active NFL player would you compare your skillset to?

TJ: I would compare my skill set to Michael Oher. I watch the way he moves and carries himself.. it reminds me of myself.

SD: What is your favorite part about playing the offensive line?

TJ: My favorite part would be constantly hitting someone. Every single play, I get a chance to push someone around or drive them into the ground .

SD: What has been your greatest accomplishment, athletically or personally ?

TJ: My greatest accomplishment was when I recovered from an ACL tear in five and a half months. That’s rare for a guy my size, let alone anyone.

SD: If you could have dinner with any 3 people, living or otherwise, who would they be and why?

TJ: I would have dinner with Shaquille O’Neal, Jesus, and Tupac.

SD: What player growing up did you most admire and model your game after?

TJ: Jonathan Ogden ... rren-jones

If you are a fan of the NFL and the NFL draft, then Terren Jones is a name you need to get to know. He is a massive football player measuring 6'8" tall and 335 pounds. He plays left tackle for the Alabama State Hornets in the Southwestern Athletic Conference.

There are always instances of players coming onto the scene as seniors that make quite the splash in the NFL draft. Jones should be another player from a small school that gets selected early in the 2013 NFL draft. He is a player that will have eyes on him all year.

Watching Jones move is like looking at a dancing bear. He has great feet and does a great job of keeping himself balanced while he walls off defenders with his long arms and massive frame. If you just watch him move his feet, you would think he is much smaller then he is.

I interviewed Jones prior to the start of the 2012 NCAA season. We talked a lot about the things he had done to this point, and the things he needs to do as a senior. He is focused on helping his team win football games and showing the younger players the way as a team leader.

I asked him about his time at Alabama State. He explained that it had been tough because of the depleted talent and having coaches come and go. He said that the he was a part of the best class that had come to Alabama State in a long time. "We had to step up and make a difference as freshmen. All of us played as freshmen, so actually that makes us leaders now."

I asked if that early playing time and adversity made him a better leader. "Yeah, it actually has because it put so much pressure on us as freshmen to step up and try to get this program right."

Jones enjoys the every day work that football brings. "I get to go out and do something I love and, you know, represent my family, my city and where I'm from."

I asked him what it was like to play left tackle, a position where one false step leads to your quarterback being buried.

"It's tough. But, you know, that's where preparation and practice comes in. If I prepare, if I practice right, prepare right for situations, I shouldn't have a problem with it in a game, and I'm confident with my athletic ability. I can beat anybody that lines up against me."

We talked about the things he needed to do as a senior. He is determined to lead the younger guys and boost their morale. He wants to be a role model on the field. He said that he wanted to be more aggressive getting to the next level and finishing more often. "I've got to be mean and dominate my opponent every play, every chance I get to."

Jones tore his ACL in the spring of 2011 and was able to return in time to play the final nine games of the season. He said that he was working on strengthening his knee, and he would continue to do so. He was able to return in five months from his injury, a remarkably small amount of time to miss with that type of injury.

We talked about the things he does well and what he would consider the strength of his game. "Footwork. I have really good feet, and I have long arms too, and I'm really good with my hands and lateral movement. You know, getting side to side and stuff like that."

Jones is a huge man, and I asked if he thought that his size gives him an advantage.

"I think it does because the heavier you are, they won't be able to push you around as much. I want to get down to like 325 because I move great at 335 and if I get down to 325, I think I'll be able to move a lot better." He also said that it would help his endurance.

We finished by talking about his goals for the team during his senior season. He pointed to a SWAC Championship followed up by a national championship. He also said that he wanted to have a great summer workout and good camps to get ready to play the season.

Terren Jones is a relative unknown coming into his senior season. He plays a position of priority on the football field, is a gigantic player, and he can really move incredibly well. This is a high-quality group of things that Jones has going for him.

We are all going to get to know him throughout the season, especially as he finishes his career at Alabama State. He should be on everybody's radar very soon.
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