interesting mid combine mock from Falcon Moore on the afmb

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fun gus
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interesting mid combine mock from Falcon Moore on the afmb

Postby fun gus » Tue Feb 26, 2013 9:11 am

Trade down our 1st for the Rams 2nd and 3rd. They need what's in the mid-late first and we need what's in the second and third...

Also, trade up our 7th to move higher into the 6th.

2nd) Khaseem Greene, OLB
2nd) Sylvester Williams, DT
3rd) Johnathan Franklin, RB
3rd) Leon McFadden, CB
4th) Stansly Maponga, DE
4th) Stefan Charles, DT
5th) Ace Sanders, WR
6th) Jake Stoneburner, TE
7th) Jordan Rodgers, QB
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The Mattural
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Re: interesting mid combine mock from Falcon Moore on the af

Postby The Mattural » Tue Feb 26, 2013 12:19 pm

Must be assuming they bring someone in to compete at DE and that Gonzo comes back because this draft would do little to improve at those positions. I like the Greene, Franklin, and Mopanga picks though. Not a fan of Sylvester Williams seeing as that he quit playing football after high school even with seemingly being good enough to make it a career and I have seen him just not dominate as a man his size should he isnt supremly quick or overly powerful he is somewhere in the middle.
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Re: interesting mid combine mock from Falcon Moore on the af

Postby Pudge » Wed Feb 27, 2013 9:06 pm

I like Williams a lot more than you do. I think he's one of the more underrated players in this draft. But I think in general, it's going to be tough for Butch Davis guys at UNC to pass the Falcons filter.

I also think his trade is a ridiculous one. The Rams already have 2 1st round picks, #16 and #22. If they loved a player that was there at #30 that much to trade up for him, don't you think they'd also love him enough to take him at #22? I like the idea of trading down if a really good player isn't there at #30, but at least when pulling a trade from your rear, find one that is a bit more plausible.

As for his other picks, I like Greene, but don't really love him in Atlanta. I think Falcons need more of a thumper. Greene is a bit too "Spoonish." Need someone that complements Spoon, not exactly mimics him.

Franklin is super quick, but like Quizz is best as a zone runner. He's more of the burner that Quizz so it's not like they wouldn't complement each other, but that would require the Falcons to adopt a pure zone run scheme.

McFadden looked like a decent nickel/late round guy, but IMO not exceptionally more talented a player than guys like Franks, Mac, and Owens. Point being, I'm not sure he's adding anything as a 3rd round pick, just maintaining the status quo.

Stoneburner is a decent TE prospect, but probably a career backup.

And much like Jordan Palmer, if Jordan Rodgers didn't have a big brother that was an NFL quarterback, nobody would be looking at him as a potential NFL quarterback. From what little I saw of him early in the season, they might've been taking about moving him to safety...
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