Trent Dilfer Unwound

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Trent Dilfer Unwound

Postby dwmyers » Sat Jan 19, 2013 5:27 pm

Over a period of hours and days, Trent Dilfer can dump a ton of information on Twitter. As it's a sentence at a time, it's
sometimes hard to digest. The quote below is a compilation of tweets on ATL versus 49ers. In some cases I've cleaned
up the language, added periods, acted as an editor. I've also put the text into paragraph form.

The source is here:

If you want more, Trent promises more on this Saturday's Playbook show..

I've spent last two days studying ATL O thanks to @xosdigital. The goal is to discover
what makes this Falcons O different than past years. First, OC Dirk Koetter has expanded
the passing game immensely. Matt Ryan has more scheme at his disposal & personnel to fit.
Dirk Koetter has a very good feel for calling a game and has given MR the keys to make MANY
decisions at LOS. Bigs are playing more athletic and run game can attack edges better
than past. OL coach Pat Hill has done a great job.

Expanded quick game & screen game has taken tremendous pressure off Oline and allows MR
to play on rhythm & cleaner pocket. Quizz Rodgers development has forced D to defend edge
run game, screen, and outlet pass. Huge dimension to new offense. I don't like ranking
players, but I think I would put Julio Jones close to top of WR list after studying every
snap. Ryan is playing incredibly decisive. He has sudden eyes, and makes great decisions
in chunk passing game.

I love how Koetter's O attacks every inch of field. Boundry, verts, seams, between hashes,
flats, behind LOS (screens). Really hard to defend in red zone cause they can run, play
action, change launch point, attack middle & strike on edges. Screens are HUGE part of
RZ package. I will be doing a telestration piece on their WR screen game Sat night.

Concerns are still with their "Must Run" offense (not real physical) & patience to march
ball. They thrive off big play. Look for them to use some tight WR formations, motions
& Jones in slot to get clean releases at LOS. Also, bootlegs from MR.

Niners: Wow, what a study. I am overwhelmed by the dimensions of the Niners run game &
skill of the players. Lots to share. I will start with personnel. GM Trent Baalke has
built an incredibly physical and athletic roster. Lots of great players! Studied A TON
of run games & schemes the last 10 years, I have never seen anything like this. VERY
diverse & creative.

OC Greg Roman does a masterful job keeping D off balance defending the run. Highest volume
run game I have seen. Interesting observation is how "tackle friendly" run game is. Great
angles & tons of down block on unsuspecting defenders. Both tackles have tremendous knock
back talent. They destroy defensive tackles and linebackers creating space for runners.

Conversely, this run game is very difficult on guards & center. Many schemes & difficult
pulls & combo blocks. Most of success comes from multiple TE packages. Both TE's & FB do
incredible job reading, reacting & executing run game. TE's ability to execute sets up
massive match up issues in pass game for the defense. Rare to see TE or WR dbl covered.
VERY clean & defined looks in pass game because threat of knifing runs & Kaep threat
from pistol. It's almost stealing.

This pistol thing is the coolest thing to happen to O football in long time. No way I
could explain dimensions on Twitter. It's incredible to see the space in D on the pistol
plays. Many of Kaep's runs also could have been gash plays by RB. Most pistol zone read
plays by Niners have defenders spinning like tops or unsure where the ball is going.

Lots of diversity from Pistol as well. Zone read only part of advantage of pistol O.
Play action is good & many other solid runs. BE ALERT for "deception plays" from Pistol
on Sunday!!! So many clean looks for trick plays & misdirection. Scary for D.

I'm sure many think pistol & wildcat fit in same category. SO WRONG! Two totally
different beasts. Pistol is here to stay. I read some of your responses, for those of
you that think you can "just hit" QB, you are wrong. Reason is "alley" blocker in zone read.

O-Line deserves MOST credit for success. HUGE burden to study HIGH volume of O & execute.
Only works w/smart & tough dudes.

Many think they have the answer to pistol zone read. The problem is if you load up against
it you are exposed to rest of base offense. Pistol zone read is just a tool in the tool
box, but it may be SHARPEST one! It's simple math if you play it stock. Teams that have
stopped Niners run game have created confusion up front (multiple fronts & stemming), and
got off down blocks. Don't forget in this pistol & run game conversation, that D's
greatest fear is piercing throws downfield. Can't sell out.

Key to stopping the "chunk" passing game of Kaep & contain run=many defenders at LOS,
zone drops vs pass W/EYES on QB. Kaep has very few big pass plays vs zone D with lbs and
secondary having eyes on him. Most chunks vs defenders backs turned. Falcons have very
good drop 8 spy package on 3rd & 7+. This should be very effective if they can get
Niners in "must pass" situations.

I put the burden on Atl offense to start fast and get lead. Very hard for Niners to stay
patient w/offensive model when trailing. PLEASE understand that the reason the pistol
zone read is here to stay as a "compliment" is cause you can run entire base offense out
of it.

This NFC championship should be awesome! Both teams create serious match up issues 4 one
another. Atl MUST pierce w/pass & screen game early. Final thought: concern for Niners.
Much of what they do well takes communication at LOS. Loud crowd & pre snap movement is
a problem for them. AGAIN, to those that think it is as easy as just "hitting the QB",
if it were that easy don't you think people would do it? Alley blocker!!

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Re: Trent Dilfer Unwound

Postby Nuccah » Sun Jan 20, 2013 9:13 am

I hope to god we don't use tight bunch formations today. It has never worked for us, usually resulting in a free blitzer getting a whack on Ryan.

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Re: Trent Dilfer Unwound

Postby dwmyers » Mon Jan 21, 2013 10:50 am

Been trying to figure out what Trent meant by alley blocker, as that's jargon I'm not all that familiar
with. But reading a couple Coach Huey threads, the alley player on defense is what used to be called the force player, and the force player is a concept dating back to Vince Lombardi times. VLOF talks about dealing with the safety force and the DE force on the old Lombardi sweep, so I'm guessing the alley blocker is the one assigned to behead the force player on a pistol zone read.

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