Matt Ryan names the identity of the Falcons.....

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Matt Ryan names the identity of the Falcons.....

Postby Cyril » Mon Dec 17, 2012 4:48 pm

Yesterday night I was watching an Atlanta station who were pushing Matt Ryan to
talk about the identity of the team.

Ryan finally said ok, if you want to know what we do better than anyone else is we
convert with our one or one battles. We win our one on one battles.

This wasn't scripted and perhaps no big deal; and I guess he was talking about the offense and again I guess he was talking about himself and his receivers. I know he knows there's a one on one battle with each lineman on the team, and I believe most offenses win when they get one on one, but since Ryan said this on an Atlanta station,
I thought it was worth posting.......If he believes it it may be true in his mind....Tony G.
certainly does wins his.
"Everything Counts"


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Re: Matt Ryan names the identity of the Falcons.....

Postby samedi » Mon Dec 17, 2012 5:12 pm

I cannot imagine Ryan actually saying anything of importance to the media. It's him and his team and that's about it for his priorities; the media are people to smile to and point out the obvious to. If you want a candid response, you'll have to hear it second hand from Roddy ("I'll give you an hour") or catch it on the sidelines (Emmitt's sig).

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