Free Agency questions

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Free Agency questions

Postby Pudge » Sat May 06, 2006 1:59 pm

Okay, question to all...

Demo, Schaub, and Lavalais are all RFAs after this year. And at some point this past off-season all have been rumored on the trading block. Let's say the Falcons manage to trade all 3 next off-season. If the Falcons receive a 1st for Schaub, 2nd for Demo, and say 3rd for Lavalais, does that make our 2004 Draft a success. Only Hall and Jenkins would remain, but we would have managed to get greater value in the draft than we originally picked for each player (two extra rounds). So is the same kind of or better value than you get had all three of those players gone on and become effective starters in Atlanta?

And also on the subject of next year's free agency, do any of these players deserve contract extensions? All are expected to be UFAs following this season.

Eric Beverly, TE
Dwayne Blakley, TE
Chris Cash, CB
T.J. Duckett, RB
Justin Griffith, FB
Patrick Kerney, DE
Austin King, C
Antwan Lake, DT
Todd McClure, C
Fred McCrary, FB
Derek Rackley, TE
Todd Weiner, OT

It seems clear that Kerney and Griffith deserve them, but my thought process with Kerney in particular, is that I'd like to see first how he and Abraham work together before I throw $30 or so million in keeping Kerney a Falcon for life.
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Postby GuitarHeroJunkie » Sat May 06, 2006 2:18 pm

Here are my thoughts on these players and contract extensions:

Eric Beverly, TE- I say we consider it because he is one of the better blocking tight ends in the league but i offer him only average contract at best because thats all he can do is block.
Dwayne Blakley, TE- I say maybe if we can get him to sign for $1mil or less per year against the cap. Once again, he is only average at best but at least he can catch the ball and run a route.
Chris Cash, CB- I say yes. I was really impressed with this guy last year. He was thrown into some difficult situations and handled them about as well as you could have expected. Maybe even a little better than expected.
T.J. Duckett, RB- No Way! Tender him so we can at least get a pick for him but get him out of here.
Justin Griffith, FB- Absolutely! Keep this guy in a Falcon uniform as long as we can afford to.
Patrick Kerney, DE- Like u said Pudge, see how he works with Abe before deciding that.
Austin King, C- No. See todd Mcclure
Antwan Lake, DT- He provides depth so I say yes, as long as he is affordable.
Todd McClure, C- Only if there isnt a better deal in free agency or the draft. I think he and King could be exchanged for better players without giving up too much.
Fred McCrary, FB- He is getting old so I would do it on a year to year basis. Id love to keep him as long as possoble though.
Derek Rackley, TE- See Dwayne Blakely.
Todd Weiner, OT- See Todd McClure.

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Postby ether3917 » Sat May 06, 2006 10:52 pm

Eric Beverly, TE- Id like to resign him, but he will probably retire. We will have to replace him with a blocking TE.

Dwayne Blakley, TE- Id like to bring him back...He isnt a bad backup to Alge.

Chris Cash, CB- Yes

T.J. Duckett, RB- People will argue this...but I say yes. I think he is going to be an animal this season. He has to prove his worth, and he is in a contract year. I think he would complement Norwood good as a goal line back. Norwood looks like a WR, and doesnt look like he has much power...

Justin Griffith, FB- Of course

Patrick Kerney, DE- Of course, he isnt going anywhere

Austin King, C- Never seen him play

Antwan Lake, DT- Yes, over Lavalais. But if we can bring in a 335 lbs run stuffer, let him go...

Todd McClure, C- Sure, he's not as bad as you all advertise...Id rather have him in there than 2 unproven, unknown 5th round picks that we have at tackle.

Fred McCrary, FB- Keep him.

Derek Rackley, TE- HE IS OUR LONG SNAPPER...unless we can replace that with a good player, we need him. See the NYG '04... Then again, if we dont have a kicker that can put it through the uprights, whats the point of having a long snapper...

Todd Weiner, OT- He will be gone, but I wouldnt mind bringing him back.

Overall, I said that we should pretty much keep them all. However, the two that we really need are Kerney and Griffith...

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Postby widetrak21 » Mon May 08, 2006 10:55 am

- from list of top undrafted fa's

9. Travis Williams, OLB, Auburn -- Atlanta Falcons
Williams is an undersized weak-side linebacker prospect with experience inside and outside. He lacks the size to play in most schemes as a starting WLB in the NFL and does not have much more room on his frame to grow. He also lacks the speed to play safety in the NFL. However, Williams is one of the most fundamentally sound and aggressive linebackers in this year's class, and also hits much harder than his frame would indicate. He is an instinctive, athletic, tough, cerebral football player with the toughness it takes to make a contribution at the next level. The Falcons still need depth at linebacker and Williams' versatility gives him a legitimate opportunity to make the cut.

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Postby jeff14623ny » Mon May 08, 2006 2:05 pm

Well if we could get a 1st for Schaub, a 2nd for Demo, and a 3rd for Lava than that would mean they all are going to have great seasons and contribute this year therefore making the 2004 draft a very successful one. I think just the fact that we picked Hall and Schaub already make it a pretty good draft giving the Falcons history.

Also, I like Kerney a lot and I would hate to see him in another uniform. He brings so much energy to the field. We need to keep him.

Griffifth is a great guy to have, but I could see someone like the Redskins offering him a huge deal, and I wouldn't overpay to keep him.

As far as the other UFAs go, I don't lose sleep wondering if they'll stay or not.

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