slow, stupid, or both?

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Re: slow, stupid, or both?

Postby Pudge » Wed Sep 19, 2012 11:43 am

fun gus wrote:
Pudge wrote:The reason why it's the same as Grady Jackson is this, and this alone:

When Petrino cut Jackson it was because he was supposedly sending a message. A message that the players didn't quite get, and a number of them (led by DeAngelo Hall) saw it as the final straw and led a mutiny in the locker room. The players didn't get why the team was singling out Jackson of all people to be the one that got the axe.

Now on the field, it had ZERO impact because Jonathan Babineaux stepped up and was just as productive (if not more) in the latter half of 2007 than Jackson was in the first half.

How is this any different? It probably won't have any impact on the field because you can make a lateral move for a veteran FA running back correct? So what does it do to your locker room? It sends a message right? What message is that??

well, first Pudge I already stated we cant make a lateral move at this point, being as there is noone available that could come in, learn a whole new offense on the fly, and do better then what Turner can currently do. Right?

But, there's nothing stopping from spreading the carries and plays around to all three of our RB's, instead of mainly Turner. Which is why I went from 'I dont care if they cut him' to 'perhaps they should keep him but use him differently'. Make sense?

I disagree about Gravy. Petrino cut a guy who was contributing. Turner is not. Just because Babs stepped up does not make the decision to cut Gravy any 'better'. At the end of the day, it would have been wiser to keep them both. The thinking then was it was time to give the reins to Trey 'ouch I fell down the stairs again' Lewis. What I 'learned' from the Gravy experiment was not to believe what the FO was shovelin 8-)
Did you learn that too? :wink:

Now cutting Turner because he got a DUI ALONE would be wrong. Hell, cutting him for sucking AND getting a DUI is probably wrong, too. BUt I would not put too much stock in 'sending a message'. One thing that's true is during the regular season this team 'gets the message'.

Now, your right: Micheal Turner has every RIGHT to go out monday night and act a fool. I'm just sayin' in the past things like this usually bite us in the a$$. Guys who make stupid decisions over and over again rarely deliver great results. Maybe this will light a fire up under that rump. But Im not hopeful about it :ninja:

Now, this is the sensible post from fun gus I was expecting. :wink: Everything you said in this post, I agree with or at least don't disagree with. Although I wouldn't be so quick to say Turner is not contributing.

Technically, that's true, but it feels odd to single him out for that when Quizz & Co. are also equally ineffective/non-contributive.

Now this current situation of non contribution is what I've been saying for 12 months would happen if the Falcons retained this year. So I'll pocket this "I told ya so" for a later date when I'm making the case of why Thomas Dimitroff has done a poor job evaluating the Falcons roster.
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