Gary Horton is the man!

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Gary Horton is the man!

Postby GSUTeke » Fri Apr 28, 2006 4:38 pm

dude finally answered the question i've been asking for the past week....

Paul (Augusta): Gary, please answer the question the other ESPN experts are scared to be wrong on! Is there any substance to the Schaub to the Vikesfor the #17 talk? Also doesn't Schaub grade out higher today than any of the big 3 QBs on the board?

Gary Horton: (4:24 PM ET ) I think there is substance that the Vikings like Schaub but the asking price would be too high. I don't think there is any way Atlanta could afford to let him go with the constant injury possibilities with Michael Vick. I know that Childress would love to have a young QB already in the league to develop and I believe Schaub would be that guy. But it would just cost too much.

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