in memory of Scout, our cruise director

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in memory of Scout, our cruise director

Postby fun gus » Sat Sep 24, 2011 3:10 pm

he always loved the Pat Y 'chats'. I submit to the gallery:

Chat with Pat Yasinskas

O Wideman (Lithonia,Ga)
Pat are the falcons comfortable with there o-line still at this point (after two horrible outings they had) or are they going to look into free agency if any o-lineman are out there?? Matt getting hit and sacked that many times isn't good and it's showing because in the eagles game he was dancing around a bit when the pressure wasn't there as told by the analyst of the game.

Pat Yasinskas (12:53 PM)
Agree that the O-line has struggled. They might get McClure back soon and that may help. But as far as bringing someone in from outside right now, that's tough. There's not much available this time of year. If Sam Baker continues to struggle, I think you'll see them draft a LT in the early rounds or sign one in free agency in the offseason.

D. Walker (Atlanta, GA)
Pat - what do you make of the reffing job Sunday night? Seemed like Ryan took at least 2, and probably 3 shots where no roughing calls were made.

Pat Yasinskas (12:57 PM)
There were at least two I thought should have been called as penalties.

KMan94 (Atlanta)
How much should Atlanta be concerned about Matt Ryan's knee?

Pat Yasinskas (12:58 PM)
I believe it's minor. He's practiced on a limited basis the last two days. I don't think it's an issue.

Adam (Raleigh NC)
Your building a team for the long term and have your choice of the four South QBs who do you take?

Pat Yasinskas (1:07 PM)
Personally, I'd take Freeman if I could pair him with Atlanta's skill-position players.

Robert (Zephyrhills)
Can the Bucs break the curse and beat the Falcons on Sunday?

Pat Yasinskas (1:07 PM)
It's possible, but their defense is going to have to really step up, especially the D-line.

Julio Jones (ATL)
Do I finally catch that explosive touchdown over the top this week?

Pat Yasinskas (1:08 PM)
Well, I'm sure you'll be seeing some Cover Two. But you might be able to work some magic on Tampa Bay's safeties.

Todd Mclure in or out this sunday?

Pat Yasinskas (1:12 PM)
He's been limited the last two days. We'll find out more about today later this afternoon. I think he's close, but I wouldn't be surprised if Falcons are cautious and sit him for one more week.

Matt Riddle (Atlanta, Ga)
Do you believe the win over the eagles is slightly tarnished because Vick didn't play the entire game?

Pat Yasinskas (1:13 PM)
No, they knocked him out of the game, so they earned it.

Free (Pittsburgh)
Hey Pat, this weeks game against the Atlanta Falcons will be an exciting one for the bucs, in which i think the bucs will win. My only concern with the bucs is that i noticed that they dont know how to defend the screen play on defense and on offense it seems like it the only play that they dont use effectively. What are your thoughts?

Pat Yasinskas (1:14 PM)
Well, you don't have to worry about Falcons throwing too many screens. Catching passes isn't Michael Turner's strength. Jason Snelling and Jacquizz Rogers can do that, but Falcons don't throw a lot of screens.

DaQuan Bowers (Tampa)
Pat do I get my first NFL sack this wknd?

Pat Yasinskas (1:16 PM)
If you can get lined up on Sam Baker, you'll have a shot.

andy (atl)
After seeing Bosher fail time and time again to execute a decent you think falcons needs to get another kicker/punter?

Pat Yasinskas (1:20 PM)
I thought something was going to happen early this week. But it didn't. Looks like the Falcons are willing to give their draft pick some more time. But he can't continue going the way he has.

Brian (Norfolk, VA)
Pat who do you think will win the Talib and White battle this sunday?

Pat Yasinskas (1:24 PM)
Let's just say that Roddy's overdue for a big game. And Roddy usually doesn't stay quiet for long.

Matt Riddle (Atlanta, Ga)
Falcons should of never let go of Koenen, even if it meant more money. We were willing to trade up for Julio and pay big for Edwards. Now are season could be jeopardized because of a rookie and a division rival acquired Koenen!

Pat Yasinskas (1:29 PM)
True, but it was a conscious decision by Dimitroff, who doesn't believe in paying big money to specialists. If you re-signed Koenen, you might not have gotten Edwards. It was a calculated gamble and it's not looking good so far. But Falcons did their homework on Bosher and haven't given up on him yet, so they must have some hope that things can straighten out quickly.

Pat how has Hawley been working out at center. Is he playing well? In terms of what you've heard from the Falcons org. ??

Pat Yasinskas (1:30 PM)
They've been praising Hawley. Think the real problems have been elsewhere on the O-line

Mike ( NC)
Do Charles and Hardy make up the best two starting DT in the South?

Pat Yasinskas (1:32 PM)
DEs, very possibly. Abraham and Edwards could challenge, but we haven't seen much impact from Edwards yet.

CC (Atlanta)
Falcons OL problems have been Baker and Reynolds.

Pat Yasinskas (1:37 PM)

Adam (The OC)
What should we take most out of the Falcons performance against Philly?

Pat Yasinskas (1:39 PM)
It was far from perfect much of the game. But they stepped up when they needed to and won a very big game against a good team.

Jeff (Huntsville)
How many more productive years do you think John Abraham has left in him?

Pat Yasinskas (1:39 PM)
This one and maybe one more, tops.

Brandon (Vancouver)
You're wrong about Talib/White. Talib always shuts down White when they play head to ehad

Pat Yasinskas (1:42 PM)
We'll see. I really think Roddy is due for a big game.

Will Rogers (New Port Richey, FL)
What do you think the Bucs need to do to get into rhythm early on in the game?

Pat Yasinskas (1:56 PM)
I'd come out and let Freeman take a few shots downfield. Atlanta's safeties can be beaten.

Eric (Atlanta)
What exactly did DeCoud do to go from up-and-comer to part-time player? I know he dropped a couple of interception chances, but at least he was in position. Don't they say that DB's are just receivers w bad hands?

Pat Yasinskas (1:57 PM)
More missed tackles and missed assignments.

Paul (Augusta)
You mean, Atlanta's safeties are routenely beaten

Pat Yasinskas (1:57 PM)
Something like that. Couple more questions before we cut it off.

Will Rogers (New Port Richey, FL)
Thanks Pat. I hope to see that while I'm at the game Sunday. Where will you be this weekend?

Pat Yasinskas (2:00 PM)
I will be in Tampa, covering Bucs and Falcons. Thanks to all for stopping by and have a great weekend.

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Re: in memory of Scout, our cruise director

Postby RobertAP » Sat Sep 24, 2011 5:47 pm

What happened to Scout?

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Re: in memory of Scout, our cruise director

Postby DaveWaz » Sat Sep 24, 2011 7:44 pm

If I recall he's either workin on or going on a super long cruise and will have limited internet access.
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Re: in memory of Scout, our cruise director

Postby fun gus » Sun Sep 25, 2011 8:18 am

DaveWaz wrote:If I recall he's either workin on or going on a super long cruise and will have limited internet access.

yeah he said he's got a new gig on a cruise ship. lucky bastard!


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