CBA Update and Vick restructuring

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CBA Update and Vick restructuring

Postby Pudge » Fri Feb 24, 2006 12:16 am

Adam Schefter of wrote:Lights fading on labor talks as deadline nears
By Adam Schefter
Special to

INDIANAPOLIS (Feb. 23, 2006) -- Amidst the buzz surrounding football's top prospects is the buzz kill of what is transpiring in the current labor talks.

Little progress, little hope -- big problem.

NFL Players Association Executive Director Gene Upshaw informed a group of 10 agents on Wednesday -- just as he is scheduled to address all agents Friday morning -- that he currently has no reason to be encouraged.

And then, after his Friday meeting, Upshaw is scheduled to leave Indianapolis, with no new Collective Bargaining Agreement deal in sight. NFL officials, who are no more optimistic than Upshaw, then would also leave Indianapolis, dealing a blow to any of the sides' remaining hopes.

The union has a soft deadline of Friday for a new deal, a hard deadline of next Thursday, before Upshaw insists there will be uncapped year in 2007. And then, potentially, a strike in 2008 -- a scenario nobody wants.

With little progress made in labor talks, Gene Upshaw foresees an uncapped year in 2007.
With little progress made in labor talks, Gene Upshaw foresees an uncapped year in 2007.
The 10 agents Upshaw spoke with Wednesday were Tony Agnone, Mark Bartelstein, Ralph Cindrich, Ian Greengross, Van McElroy, Paul Sheehy, Fletcher Smith, Jim Steiner, Mike Sullivan, and Angelo Wright. Their tones were far more somber than upbeat.

Meanwhile, each team trying to get under the salary cap or plot its offseason moves is waiting to see whether or not there will be a new CBA. At this point, it looks as if the teams can proceed as if there will not be one, which could be devastating to some.

The teams that will have the most restructuring and slashing to do by next Thursday are the Oakland Raiders ($31 million over the cap, as of Wednesday); the Kansas City Chiefs ($24 million over the cap); the Washington Redskins ($23 million over the cap); the Denver Broncos ($22 million over). And as of Wednesday, before they restructured running back Curtis Martin's contract and released some veterans, the Jets were $25 million over, a figure that is now considerably reduced.

Teams with the most space under the salary cap include the Arizona Cardinals ($23 million), the Minnesota Vikings ($21 million under), the Green Bay Packers ($19 million under), the Cleveland Browns ($18 million under) and the San Diego Chargers ($17 million under).

Teams over the cap this offseason are going to be squeezed without a new CBA. Teams under the cap this offseason are going to have a huge advantage over the other teams. Never will being under the cap mean more than it will this offseason.


Quarterback Michael Vick has bailed out the Falcons before -- and he could be on the verge of doing it again.

The Falcons and Vick have been engaged in talks to restructure the quarterback's contract to provide Atlanta with more of the salary-cap space it needs.

Of course, both sides are waiting to see what happens with the CBA first, before signing off on anything. But Vick is ready and waiting to do what it takes to help the Falcons get back to the top of the NFC South.

The Falcons also are trying to restructure the contract of running back Warrick Dunn. Those two players could provide the room Atlanta needs to come up with a pair of safeties and a defensive right end.
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I heard that on NFL Network also!

Postby thescout » Fri Feb 24, 2006 1:23 am

Glad you brought this up Pudge,just saw in on NFL Network.The article says 2 safeties and a def end. I wonder if this gets done if the Falcon's target Darren Howard and Marlon Mcree or Tank Williams? I was thinking if the falcon's got Howard then maybe in the 3rd round they could draft a guy like Frostee Rucker to groom instead of using the no1 on Hali? Then again if Tapp is there in the second we could groom him.
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