Ted Van Poppel and a little off topic

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Ted Van Poppel and a little off topic

Postby PB21 » Mon Feb 20, 2006 6:56 pm

It's a long time til' season's start. So before then, we might share some facts and interesting, hopefullylol, things to post about. The 2006/2007 schedule should be out soon and maybe free agency won't be pushed back if the league and the union find some common ground will all those billions to deal with. In the meantime,...something to sink teeth into!

It's Braves baseball time! Some of you older Braves fans might remember when they appeared in the World Series against the Minnesota Twins(another Minn/ATL battle!), in 1991 was it? If anyone recalls,...before that "worst to first" season, the Braves used their #1 pick on a pitcher,...the name, Ted Van Poppel. Up until 1991, the Braves were the absolute dregs of MLB,...and Poppel said, NOPE! He declined the offer and was traded to the Athletics if memory serves. Poppel started some games but never made it to the World Series,...something the Braves did quite a few times since 1991. Moral? Careful what you wish,...and never fall prey to stereotyping!;)

Item number TWO! Oh my gawd, I can almost hear ya'll say,...there's gonna be more than #2!:D

I'd like to endorse a sports journalist,...AAARRRGGHHH!!! I'm crazy huh? lol There is this new guy out there under the radar, and above it too. His name is Nunyo Demasio, a young guy that has this master of the English language unparalleled. He uses unusual and rarely used words in the language that makes the reader feel he's/she's been splashed with champagne,...is the only way I can describe it. And as all masters of thought do,...ya can unnerstand the guy even with the $2 words!

There are two more items that will be posted later. You guys are welcome to add to this off topic fun in new threads or replies, and we welcome it!

Looking at Pro Bowl players on the Falcons roster,...we're gonna be back people, with a venageance this season. And some awesome numbers when a team has this old man,...Gibbs is it?,...coaching or supervising a team's offensive line!

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Postby backnblack » Sun Feb 26, 2006 11:07 pm

Actually what happened with Van Poppel is that the Braves intention was to sign him but then head of player development, Henry Aaron ,went to see him and was told he woudl not sign. Aaron called back to ATL and said, "Better go ahead and sign our second choice--Chipper Jones." Funny how things work out, huh? I'm ready for the braves to get it going but I have some skepticism this year--as usual--as I watch the other teams (notably the Mets) load up with FAs and we stand pat, however, cox and JS have made a True Believer of me so in them I trust. I kind of think they are handcuffed a bit as the team is up for sale and you gotta know there will be no sweepign or dramatic moves made in player acquisition until that dust settles.

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