Notes from NFL Draft Blitz Alex smith wouldn't make top 20

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Notes from NFL Draft Blitz Alex smith wouldn't make top 20

Postby thescout » Thu Jan 12, 2006 5:35 pm

Alex Smith was taken no1 in the draft 2005,NFL Draftblitz says he wouldn't make the top 20 in this draft.If that is true the more picks the falcon's have the better off we'll be.You still want to hang onto schaub whehn next yr the falcon's will only trade him for possbily a 1st rounder or 2nd rounder and its a weaker draft? Also Schaub will only play 4 games or less probably next year and if a team offers a 1st or 2nd which could be a full time starter in the NFL your going to give that up? There are free agent QBs available not as good as Schaub but could move the team,so you take a chance and go for the full time starter and give up Schaub.

Take a look at the next demarcus ware? Think the falcon;s have interest in any of them.Team are trying to move up to the 4th pick in draft to draft lendale white,interesting.

It seems like this year, more then any we can remember, there are a number of quarterbacks who will be drafted and who will have to change positions. One front office man told us that his team currently has the following grades on those players:
Michael Robinson, Penn State (R3 / Wide Receiver
Marques Hagans, Virginia (R4 / Wide Receiver)
Brad Smith, Missouri (R5 / Running Back / Wide Receiver)
Barrick Nealy, North Texas (R5 / Wide Receiver)
Richie Williams, Appalachian State (R7 / Running Back)

He went on to say that he felt both Robinson and Hagans had the skills to potentially turn into impact type players at their positions down the road.

- Who's the top DT in this class? Depends on who you talk to. We spoke to 3 people and came back with two votes for Brodrick Bunkley and one for Haloti Ngata.

- 5 years from now who will be the best cornerback to come out of this class? One person we spoke to believes it will be Fresno State's Richard Marshall.

- Last week we all read a story saying that the Green Bay Packers may have locked in on LenDale White with their first round pick (#5). Recently we learned that there are a number of teams looking to trade up to the #4 spot in order to select White.

- How strong is the 2006 NFL Draft shaping up to be? When asked where 2005 top pick Alex Smith would go if he were available we were told by one team that they'd be surprised to see him selected in the top 20.

- One scout that we recently spoke to believes that the media's current lovefest with Vanderbilt QB Jay Cutler is nothing less than seriously overvaluing a marginal player simply because there's no one else.

- With the success that was had by 2005 NFL rookies DeMarcus Ware and Shawne Merriman, there's a search on to find this year's version of those players. The hot names right now are Louisville's Elvis Dumervil, Cal Poly's Chris Gocong and Appalachian State's Jason Hunter.

- We've been told that Michigan DC Jim Herrman could be going to Dallas to be the team's new Linebackers coach.
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Postby The_Incomparable » Fri Jan 13, 2006 10:56 pm

As you know I took a month of Draft Blitz subscription to see what they had to offer and it seems like they are heavily regional or something, because they are way off in a lot of their assertions. Ngata is a top 10 pick & Bunkley may not make the first round. They are massivley overhyping Lendale White, and while a lot of teams maybe drooling over him I could probably run for 100 yards behing Tutui & Justice. This year's Demarcus Ware is Manny Lawson, and how they missed that is beyond me seeing as how almost everyone knows about this kid because he plays accross from Mario Williams @ NC State. The Cutler thing I am on the fence about. It's hard to believe someone could lead Vendy to a winning season in the SEC and not be a top notch QB though. The Richard Marshall thing might be true, but Demario Minter shut down the other All American WR in Calvin Johnson and has similar to better measureables. Thanks for posting the info though, it's good to see what others are saying.
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Postby Pudge » Sat Jan 14, 2006 12:02 am

Just adding my two cents on this issue.

I don't think you can overhype LenDale White. Remember, that this was the first year when both were at USC that Reggie Bush actually outplayed White. White has been the fulcrum (besides Leinart) of that offense for the past two years, and only this year did Bush surpass him. IMO, White and Bush are just like Ronnie Brown and Cadillac, but better players and like those two should have an immediate impact for some team in the NFL. Right now, most are saying Houston and Green Bay are likely to wind up with both players. Both teams (assuming they both have the offenses to use both adequately) will get two excellent players.

Yes, Lawson is this year's Ware. He'll get a chance to shine in next weekend's Senior Bowl, and if he has a good week of practice, I'm sure he'll be considered a 1st round pick as a OLB. And may be like Ware, who was considered a late 1st round pick for much of the post-Senior Bowl months, but wound up being the #11 pick. Lawson I could see going #12 to Cleveland, because they are looking for a guy like him at OLB.

Minter's biggest drawback is his lack of INTs on the college level. He only picked off 2 passes. He may be a good player, but a lot of teams will look at him as a "steady" corner rather than a playmaker. His size/speed numbers are good, but this is an odd draft since there are a bunch of big corners available on the first day, which hurt Minter in that he won't stand out like he would in a "normal" CB class.

Most sources indicate that Bunkley is moving up. Ngata is only going to fall in the draft, much like Jimmy Kennedy, Vince Wilfork, Marcus Stroud, and Shaun Rogers did in their draft years. When you're as big as Ngata is (330?), there is no way you can be in shape. Not to mention he hurt his knee in his bowl game, so he'll likely only be in worse shape. Bunkley is a quick interior pass rusher. And although teams still tend to fall in love with the 320-pounders that can run a 4.85 40, many teams are now looking at the classic one-gap DTs more now in the draft. Patterson, Cody, and Babineaux were the #3, #4, and #5 DTs selected last year. You might even lump Luis Castillo (#2) in that group. Outstanding years from Tommie Harris, Rod Coleman, and Kevin Williams in recent years has put an emphasis back on the Wayne Maritn/John Randle type DTs rather than the huge guys. I'm not saying Bunkley is going to be picked first among DTs, but I'd say he's the consensus #2, and his stock should only go up.

About Alex Smith, and the QB situation. Anybody that has looked at recent drafts (2002 and beyond), will notice that teams are putting more emphasis on QBs in ROund 1. Since Vick in 2001, a QB has gone #1 in each draft. But among them, most scouts would probably say only Eli Manning was a true bonafide franchise QB. Palmer wasn't as universally prized in 2003 as he is now. Carr and Smith were the best of a mediocre group of QBs who were just "good enough" to be considered franchise guys. Between 1997-2001, there were 10 QBs taken in Round 1 (avg. of 2 per year). Between 2002-2004, there were 11 (avg. of nearly 4 per year). Teams are putting higher grades on QBs now for a variety of reasons, but a lot of it I think has to do with some notion that teams need to be developing a franchise QB and with the success of Dilfer in 2000, teams no longer have quite the same standards of how good a QB has to be to lead you to ultimate victory. I mean conventional wisdom (as it has developed since 2002) says that the Texans must draft a QB with the #1 pick because they are getting a new coach. And new coaches draft new franchise QBs (see Jason Campbell and Patrick Ramsey).
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