Major changes needed defensively....

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Major changes needed defensively....

Postby DenimJacket » Sun Jan 01, 2006 4:28 pm

...especially in the secondary. One or two isn't going to be enough imo.

As of now this team cannot compete with teams like Chicago and Carolina. They are far too physical for us. It was men against boys today against Carolina.

Right now I just want the vets that consistantly played poorly this season held accountable. I didn't think we were talented enough to beat Carolina but I expected a lot more than the team gave today. I expect more than several jobs were on the line and I hope the staff paid attention to who played and who didn't.

Don't think Mora is going anywhere but should we have hired a HC based soley on a good interview?? I'm also beginning to think going small on the O-Line might be a bad idea as we get ran over by teams with physical, aggressive D-Lines.

I'm definately a Falcon Fan but I am ashamed of the way we "played" today. Again, I didn't expect a win but this......this is unacceptable.

Sorry for the rant guys, just posting my thoughts.
Note- I am posting this with a calm, clear head.

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