Philly is going to be much tougher next year

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Philly is going to be much tougher next year

Postby thescout » Wed Jan 26, 2005 1:35 am

Mckay is really going to have to have an outstanding off season in free agency and especially the draft.Philly not only has Terell Owens coming back but will probably use there 1st pick on a recevier Mark Clayton if he slips and that would be scary.I hope Clayton is gone before philly picks.I don't see free agency helping the falcon's much so trying to catch philly in talent I think will take 2 more drafts and maybe next year free agency will be better.

If you look at phily they have outstanding players in Dawkins,2 top corners,Trotter and a role player in Kearse plus Simon but he is a free agent.The Falcon's have kerney,coleman,brooking and D Hall should be real good next year.A few more impact players on defense and I think the falcon's can have as effective defense as philly.Offense is the bigger problem as we know.Off line and receiver are the 2 week areas and hopefully that is all the falcon's need since vick need's more time to develop.

That is what we are looking at a stronger eagle team and the falcon's trying to catch up in talent it will take 2 more solid drafts and free agency .

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Postby Pudge » Wed Jan 26, 2005 3:38 am

Definitely on paper, you would have to assume that Philly will only get stronger next year, since likely they'll draft a younger backup RB, improve the WR position, and continue to add depth elsewhere.

But you never know, as we all know, you just need one major injury and your entire season is a wash.

The Falcons should not be looking at Philly when they are making improvements. THey should not be trying to improve with the mindset of how it will help them beat the Eagles.

I still think the Falcons should be focusing more on their division opponents. We still have not established ourselves as the dominant team in our own division, and I think that's the first step before you start trying to beat the elite teams.

So we should be looking to improve with our eyes on NO, CAR, and TB. And something those teams all have in common is that they have at least 1 really good WR and have excellent speed at the DE position. So if that's the case, we need to continue to improve along the O-line and in the secondary.
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