Knapp to the Raiders?

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Knapp to the Raiders?

Postby Pudge » Fri Dec 16, 2005 4:55 am

I came across this idea when thinking about which teams would really want a QB like Schaub. And I figured, probably what would help Schaub's trade value is if Knapp got hired to be the head coach of another team.

Well I was thinking about the Raiders. In January 2004, the Raiders interviewed Knapp for their vacant head coaching position. They were also set to interview Mora that same week as well. But the day Knapp interviewed with the Raiders, Jim Mora was hired by the Falcons, and the very next day Knapp hooked up with Mora here.

The Raiders didn't interview anyone else until they interviewed Turner about 2 weeks after Knapp's interview, and then they hired him 3 days later.

My thoughts lead me to believe that Davis was set to hire either Knapp or Mora, and losing both candidates with in a 24-hour period really set him back.

I think we all can agree that Turner is done in Oakland. And I wouldn't be surprised if he again decides to interview Knapp.

And I think Oakland would be a very good fit for Knapp. They have JOrdan, the power back. I'm sure Knapp will be able to get some production out of JUstin Fargas or another runner as the #2 guy in his patented 2-headed attack. He has a great set of receivers in Moss, Porter, and Curry. All he needs is the QB to get the job done, and I think he'd invest in Schaub. Sure, Schaub is not the ideal passer that Davis likes in that has a strong arm and throws a great deep ball, but I think Schaub throws a pretty good deep ball as he's shown this year.

You can bet Davis will replace Turner with another offensive coach (has he ever not hired an offensive coach?) that he hopes can better utilize the talent they have. There have been mentions that Mariucci could go to Oakland. If that doesn't work out, I'm thinking Davis could look at Knapp as the next best thing. But then the question is whether Knapp would go to Oakland. I think he would. He's from Long Beach, played college ball in Cali and coached there until he came here.

Just some speculation to wrap your head around for a few minutes.
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Postby The_Incomparable » Fri Dec 16, 2005 11:56 am

Schaub throwing to Moss & Porter is a scary thought. Luckily he doesn't have the huge arm to throw as deep as Moss likes, but I have no doubt he could be a Pro Bowl QB for the Raiders............hell, I think I could be a Pro Bowl QB throwing to Moss &

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Re: Knapp to the Raiders?

Postby RdHdBirdFan » Fri Dec 16, 2005 12:16 pm

[quote="Pudge"]...if Knapp got hired to be the head coach of another team.quote]

Ahhh, such sweet thoughts...


.... or even the rear coach ....

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