Salary Cap

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Salary Cap

Postby starley657 » Fri Dec 09, 2005 10:32 pm

Here's some info from I wonder what we'll do to get below the cap. Who will go or restructure? I guess it'll be interesting to find out.


Early word is that the official cap number for 2006 will land somewhere between $92 million and $95 million per team, up from $85 million this year and higher than the previously anticipated range of $89 million to $90 million.

Even at $95 million, several teams need to trim more than $20 million in 2006 payroll. The Jets and Raiders each exceed $120 million, and the Broncos have more than $118 million committed to next season.

The Chiefs are at $114 million, and the Redskins are at $112 million.

Despite a serious purge in 2005, the Titans are at $102 million.

The Falcons are a hair under $102 million, and the Bucs are at $100 million.

The other teams currently north of the anticipated spending limit are the Fins ($97 million) and the Steelers ($96 million).

At the other end of the spectrum, the Browns are at only $61 million and the Cardinals are at $62 million. The Vikings are at $68 million, giving them yet another offseason with more than $20 million on hand in an effort to upgrade the roster.

The Packers are $70 million and the Bengals are at $71 million.

At $71 million, the Seahawks have plenty of room to sign running back Shaun Alexander, if they so choose.

The Chargers also are at $71 million, which means they can keep both Drew Brees and Philip Rivers, if they so choose.

The Niners are at $74 million, and the Bears and Jags are at $75 million.

The folks within $20 million of the expected cap are as follows: Rams ($76 million); Ravens ($77 million); Texans ($78 million); Saints ($82 million); Bills ($82 million); Lions ($83 million); Eagles ($85 million); Giants ($89 million); Cowboys ($90 million); Pats ($92 million); Colts ($92 million); and Panthers ($93 million).

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Postby Pudge » Fri Dec 09, 2005 11:59 pm

So this means if the cap is $95 million next year, the Falcons will be between somewhere about $6.5-7 million over the 2006 cap.

I had done some rough calculations last week, and I came up with the figure that the Falcons would be about $10 million under, but a big chunk of that (probably $4-5 million) would be chewed up with extending tenders to EFAs, RFAs, and re-signing key UFAs. But I guess I was way off.

If this is the case, then I suspect this upcoming off-season will be as last year's was, pretty quiet on the free agent front.
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Postby The_Incomparable » Sat Dec 10, 2005 1:26 am

Here's to hoping some of our big money guys will restructure, although I won't be holding my breath...... :roll:

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