Week 12 Breakdown: AT Detroit Lions

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Week 12 Breakdown: AT Detroit Lions

Postby Capologist » Sun Dec 04, 2005 10:10 am

Here's what I saw:


Running game: All day long and often. 256 yards rushing, 5.7 YPC. That's old-fashioned running a team to death. Great job by the backs and the line in run blocking.

Breakdown of passes:

Vick: 12/22 with 6 bad throws (1 INT and 1 would have if Bly had 2 hands), 1 passes defended (possibly INT if Bly wasn't hurt), 1 other and 2 drops (Crump). Was effective and fortunate on a couple of plays but also wasn't needed to pass a bunch.

YTD Drops (24): Brian Finneran (6), Alge Crumpler (6), Michael Jenkins (4), Dez White (4), Roddy White (2), Warrick Dunn (2).

Sack responsibility: NONE.

Pass blocking: Much better job this week than the past two but again, the front 4 of Detroit isn't exactly sack happy so I would expect us to do block well against them.


Run defense was very shaky to the tune of allowing 5.8 YPC. Had Detroit not been put in the hole early by turnovers, this game could have been totally different.

Pass rush: 5 sacks, great job of forcing some bad throws.

Pass defense: Probably the best it's been in a while. Great game forcing turnovers, being aggressive and holding to 258 yards on 48 attempts.

Tackling is still an issue at the point of attack on the run. Scott looked more aggressive this week. Hopefully, that is a turning point for him. LB's are still overpursuing and allowing gashing runs on cutbacks.

Special Teams:

Kickoff returns: 2 Touchbacks so no opportunities.

Rossum had 4 opportunities: 1 was out of bounds, 1 was returned for 25 yards, 1 was downed at the 2 and 1 returned for 29 yards. GREAT day returning for Rossum, we'll need that down the stretch.

Koenen's kickoffs were very good. 2 in the end zone (1 touchback), 2 to the 1, 1 to the 18 (after 2 penalties), 1 to the 3. Koenen's punting was pretty good 4 punts almost averaging 50 with nets of: 21, 42, 33, and 45. Twice we could have pinned them deep but the punts were too long causing his two shortest nets. Still needs to work on placement consistency.

Peterson hit his extra points and two short field goals as usual.

Things that really need improvement:

1. Run defense. Still not consisently good

2. Consistency on offense, defense and special teams.

Offensive MVP: Alge Crumpler
Defensive MVP: Patrick Kerney (6 tackles, 1.5 sacks, 1 fumble forced, and a ton of pressure)
Special Teams MVP: Allen Rossum (welcome back)

Goat of the Week: Run defense

Good news: We got it done on the short week (7-4) and in position to beat the Panthers and control our own destiny!

Week 13: AT Carolina Panthers

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