Anthony McCoy, TE, Southern California

Scouting reports of tight ends in the 2010 draft.
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Anthony McCoy, TE, Southern California

Postby Pudge » Thu Apr 08, 2010 12:04 am

Southern California Senior
40: 4.71

PROS: Has good combo of size and speed. A smooth runner that can challenge downfield, and has a nice release off the line. Extends for the ball and has nice hands. Shows good pop as a blocker, and does a good job moving linebackers and taking on safeties. Blocks well in space, and shows ability to pass protect on the edge. Can also get out and block on wide receiver screens. Works well in the slot. Can be tough to bring down after the catch because of his size and strength.
CONS: Doesn't have real explosive speed. Doesn't always show ideal instincts to work as a receiver in the passing game. Blocks high at times and will whiff on some blocks in space.
OVERVIEW: He has the potential to be a top blocker at the next level and a capable receiver. There are times when I watch him play and I see a player on par with Alge Crumpler. Never was a go-to option int he passing game. Caught 22 passes each of the past two years, but had 200 more yards as a senior. Only has 3 career touchdown receptions.
NFL FORECAST: The lack of top production is concerning, although a big part of that is that they didn't really need to go through him to make their offense work. Unlike Fred Davis when he was at USC, the Trojans have had capable receivers the past two years. So for the most part McCoy's role has been as a blocker first, receiver second. He flashes potentail as a receiver but I'm not convinced he's going to be a go-to option int he pros. But I do think he can be a nice safety blanket that can present matchup problems. And despite his size, I do think he could make a better H-back than inline blocker. His blocking is good, but not as dominant as you want at times. But I have no really concerns that he won't be a good blocker. The best possible scheme for him is if he's playing opposite another solid blocking tight end that would allow him to function more as an H-back. PIttsburgh is probably the best fit for him for those reasons. But he's a guy that is going to find a role with any offense. Some teams will use him as a blocker first, others will try to utilize his size and strength as an oulet receiver. I see him as a guy that can catch 30-40 passes on a fairly consistent basis as a starter. But he'll only produce more than that if he plays on a team that has crappy receivers. I would compare him to a similar player as John Carlson who was productive as a rookie for that very same reason.
ATL FORECAST: McCoy would be used more as a blocker in Atlanta. He would push Peelle for the No. 2 job. And while he can be a starter here that could replace Gonzalez, but won't be the dynamic option that Gonzo is. And he would be a downgrade in the passing game, although he'd be a decent starter. But like Gonzo, I think you can play him in the slot and he'd be tough to match up with and can also be a factor in the redzone. But teams won't scheme around him, but he'll be a guy that can make teams pay if they take him for granted too much.
VALUE: McCoy is a nice third or fourth round pick, depending on how much a team values his blocking ability.

1-poor, 2-weak, 3-above average, 4-very good, 5-elite

SPEED: 3.0
HANDS: 3.0
RANGE: 3.5
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